bespoke decorative resin worktops with gold/ copper/ aluminium flakes

Besides our exclusive standard offering, we also create custom made furniture. We customize not only the size and the shape, but also the design. Our unique offer would reflect your restaurant interior identity.

Our “Resin Tables” have renewable surface that can be polished locally. This means that you do not have to worry about scratches and damages to the furniture, one polish and it looks brand new. We also can provide the after-care support for our clients. We believe in providing long- lasting solutions that are easy to maintain.

Migaloo Rock is one of our signature product that is loved by our clients and designers due to its luxurious feel and exceptional design. Migaloo Rock with unusual veneers is in-house developed conglomerate  with a decorative bespoke background with clear Italian resin with embedded gold, copper or aluminium flakes. We keep hygiene, design and quality at the center of our focus. We use UVA and UVB resistant material.


Its unique character has been appreciated by customers all over the world. The tops differ depending on veneer texture and flakes composition.

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