one polish and it looks brand new

Restaurant Table

practical solution & luxury look

Migaloo home company started in 2015, was designing hand-made luxury products for hospitality spaces. We started from the bison of the beauty items but in the design process we focus a lot on  practical every day issues. This is how a new brand was born. The company has valued the quality of it's products since the very beginning , because - as we say - the quality is never compromised. We wanted to have a product that may seen a little bit extravagant but certainly attract some attention. Such shock teraphy often brings the best results in treating the interiors for the boredom and predictability.  That's how we started to produce tables worktops covered with Italian resin with flakes of cold and copper inside. Resin allow us to put very interesting patterns like : natural cork, veneers, different colors and structures. Luxury meterial for the premium restaurants are known to be natural stones or wood - but it's one time investment , hard to maintenance. Sensitive for deep scratches and liquids like vine and acids.Our “Resin Tables” have renewable surface that can be polished many times.  This means that you do not have to worry about scratches and damages to the furniture, one polish and it looks brand new! We also can provide the after-care support for our clients. We believe in providing long- lasting solutions that are easy to maintain.

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