GOP Guide for Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

GOP Guide for Optical Dissolved Oxygen Sensors from METTLER TOLEDO

Mettler Toledo

Good Operating Procedures GuideOxygen is an important measurement in Biotech fermentation applications. Optical technology for oxygen measurement is relatively new in the Biotech industry but is gaining in acceptance as it requires less maintenance and offers long term reliability.

Download METTLER TOLEDO's latest application guide: "Good Operating Procedures for Optical Dissolved Oxygen."

Focusing on the benefits of optical dissolved oxygen measurements in fermentation processes it discusses the operating principles of the sensors along with field-tested best practice recommendations.

Topics include:          

  • Oxygen measurement theory
  • Factors impacting measurements
  • Sensor calibration requirements and methods
  • Benefits of digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®)
  • Common troubleshooting procedures

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