Advanced Batch Statistics Software for Checkweighers

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo introduces new advanced batch statistics software to improve productivity in pharmaceutical manufacturing lines.

Advanced Batch Statistics Software

XS2 MV Checkweigher

The new Pharma Statistic upgrade from Mettler-Toledo Garvens was developed through close cooperation with pharmaceutical manufacturers. The software collates information from product inspection systems and stores it for data analysis purposes, catalogued by product batch and order number.

The advanced batch statistics software enables manufacturers to quickly and straightforwardly analyse check-weighing data to verify that each batch has the correct size and weight, whilst tracking the progress of product batches through the manufacturing line. This enables producers to study operational changes relating to check-weighers and investigate the effects of system parameters on manufacturing and rejection rates in order to maximise productivity. The software also offered improved security by logging log-in attempts and guarding against unauthorised changes to checkweigher settings.

Pharma Statistics features a user-friendly graphical display for efficient set-up and simplified product changeovers. The password protection features and the ability to track log in attempts offer improved data security and guarantee that only authorised personnel have access to equipment settings and recorded data. The software allows reports to be printed or exported through a USB device for effective data storage. Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for additional analysis capabilities.

Pharma Statistics

Mettler-Toledo Garvens' Marketing Manager, Kerstin Bernhart, comments: "In an increasingly competitive economic climate, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to boost production line efficiency. Technology capable of streamlining product inspection data monitoring process can help manufacturers meet this challenge head on and enhance compliance with industry regulations."

The upgraded Pharma Statistics software can be installed efficiently on your current checkweighing equipment with minimal downtime. The software will also be integrated into Mettler Toledo Garvens' latest new technology. The software can be installed on all existing XS checkweighers from Mettler Toledo. This includes the combined XS2 and XS2 MV checkweighing and vision inspection equipment.

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