A Guide to Oxygen Measurement

Guide to Oxygen Measurement

Oxygen MeasurementOxygen measurement and control plays an important role in many chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, power and food & beverage processes. Currently, there are many electrochemical and optical technologies available for the measurement of oxygen in aqueous and gas phase media.

Guide to Oxygen Measurement

Download METTLER TOLEDO's new "Guide to Oxygen Measurement." here.

This booklet provides an overview of oxygen measurement theories, an explanation of amperometric and optical sensor technologies and an introduction to the benefits of the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®). Topics include:

  • Theory of oxygen measurement
  • Calibration of oxygen sensors
  • Electrochemical methodology
  • Optical oxygen measurement technology
  • Common challenges with oxygen measurement
  • Comparison of optical and amperometric technologies
  • Benefits of Intelligent Sensor Mangement (ISM)
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