Volumetric Titrators, pH and Ion Meters, Thermal Analysers

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo is the world’s largest manufacturer of weighing equipment and a leading supplier of analytical instruments for use in the pharmaceutical industry. As well as streamlining processes, improving throughput and enhancing product quality, our innovative product, software and service solutions also address compliance and connectivity issues.

Pharmaceutical Balances and Moisture Analysers

Our extensive pharmaceutical balance range includes top pan balances, analytical balances, comparators and microbalances as well as accessories and OIML weights.more

Our moisture analysers provide fast, precise and reliable moisture determination through halogen and infra-red technology.

Coulometric and Volumetric Titrators

Our general titrators range from compact, easy to use endpoint and equivalence point titrators to our innovative Excellence titrators. The Karl Fischer volumetric titrators and coulometric titrators provide water content determination from 1ppm to 100%. Our titration automation systems and sample changers increase productivity and sample throughput. 

Benchtop / Portable Density Meters and Refractometers

Our density meter portfolio, which includes benchtop density meters and portable density meters, measures density, specific gravity and alcohol percentage. Quick and easy refractive index, BRIX and other related determinations can be made with both our benchtop refractomers and portable refractomers. Combined systems simultaneously determine density and refractive index. Plus our LiQC multi-parameter system revolutionises quality control of liquids.

Thermal Analysers

Our Excellence range includes the DSC1 differential scanning calorimeter and the TGA/DSC1 thermogravimetric analyser, allowing you to characterize sample materials over a very wide temperature range. We also supply thermomechanical analysers (TMA) and dynamic mechanical analysers (DMA). All instruments can be controlled from a single, powerful, easy-to-use software platform and are supported by STARe thermal analysis software.

Pharmaceutical pH and Ion Meters

Our pH meters, ORP meters, ion meters, conductivity meters and dissolved oxygen meters are available in benchtop and portable versions. The range covers a wide variety of electrochemical applications in the laboratory and field. We offer a multitude of electrodes including pharmaceutical pH sensors, conductivity sensors and dissolved oxygen sensors as well as titration sensors.

Electronic and Manual Pipettes: Single and Multichannel

RAININ Instruments, a subsidiary of METTLER TOLEDO, offers the broadest selection of hand-friendly pipettes, including manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, single channel pipettes, multichannel pipettes and speciality pipettes. Our unique "Pipetting 360°" approach enhances the performance of laboratories by improving experiment accuracy and repeatability. We also provide BioClean tips for traditional and LTS pipettes.

Chemical Research and Development Systems

METTLER TOLEDO provides innovative software, equipment and services to help scientists understand and develop benchtop chemistry into commercial operations. The Company's enabling tools and product support services provide critical information for engineers and development scientists. Companies use this knowledge to accelerate discovery, development and scale-up of new chemical processes.

OptiMaxTM and EasyMax® synthesis workstations offer a simple platform for organic synthesis in chemical research and development. ReactIRTM Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy systems enable the continuous monitoring of chemical reactions while the RC1 reaction calorimeter is used for process safety investigations in the liter scale. FBRM® and PVM® measure particles in their naturel form enabling developers to better understand, control and optimize particle and droplet-based systems.less


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