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Founded in 1989, Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer Metrodata has two primary areas of product focus. Firstly, speed, interface and protocol conversion devices for Local and Wide-Area Networking, including an extensive range for Fibre Conversion and Service Distribution and secondly, Multi-Service Convergence platforms, primarily focused on Satellite Communication applications. Based near London's Heathrow Airport, Metrodata's customers include Telecoms Service Providers, Enterprises and Government & Defence organisations worldwide. For the Defence market, Metrodata offers a strong portfolio of fibre and interface conversion  capabilities, including Ethernet & Serial interfacing to and between Cryptos and Satellite and/or Microwave Radio equipment. Particular strengths for multi-service Convergence and Backhaul for Satellite Communications include support for high and asymmetrical data rates, clock-sensitive links and ATM-over-satellite applications. Metrodata provides secure communications solutions to the US DOD, NATO and other Defence forces.more

Voice and Data over Fibre

Metrodata offers a wide range of products for electrical-fibre signal conversion & service extension, including;

  • E1 and E3/DS3 extension over fibre
  • STM-1/OC-3 electrical to fibre
  • Serial over fibre (support for RS-232, X.21, V.35/36 and high speed EIA-530)
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet copper to fibre conversion
  • MM to SM fibre conversion for signalling up to STM-4/OC-12 and Gigabit Ethernet speeds

Additionally, Metrodata has a range of fibre multiplexer products, supporting multiple E1, E3 and/or Ethernet connections over fibre or SDH (STM-1/OC-3)Each of the fibre products supports MM or SM connectivitySome typical 'serial over fibre' applications for the FIMO-2000 product are shown here:

Interface Conversion

Metrodata offers a range of converters for diverse applications including;

  • E1 (framed and/or unframed) to X.21 or V.35
  • E2 to X.21 or HSSI
  • E3/DS3 to HSSI

Additionally, we offer a range of E1 to sub-rate (n x 64Kbps) multiplexers.These devices are available either with or without management (SNMP/Telnet) capabilities.

Ethernet over Serial Communications

Commonly used with Radio or Satellite Links, Metrodata offers a range of Ethernet extension solutions, comprising single or switched multi-port 10/100 Ethernet connectivity via a variety of Ethernet over Serial Communications standards including;

  • Ethernet to X.21 or EIA-530 or V.35 up to 20Mbps
  • Ethernet to LVDS/EIA-644 up to 52Mbps

These products are complemented by a range of PDH /SDH LAN Extension solutions including;

  • 4-port switched 10/100 Ethernet extension over E1, E3/DS3 or STM-1/OC-3

Specifically for deployment with high-speed serial satellite modems, Metrodata’s LH1000 product can support independent asymmetric modulator / demodulator links. This product offers connectivity between a single 10/100 Ethernet port to/from;

  • HSSI (up to 110Mbps)
  • RS-232 up to 256Kbps or  X.21, EIA-530, RS-449, V.35 (up to 20Mbps)

A typical LH1000 application is shown

Serial Crypto Interfacing

Developed initially for deployment with the KIV-7M (Mykotronx) and KIV-19M (Sypris) crypto devices, Metrodata offers a range of high-speed Serial conversion devices which overcome interface incompatibilities between Routers, Cryptos and Serial Satellite Modems or Microwave Radio equipment. Specifically, these include;

  • HSSI to/from LVDS/EIA-644
  • HSSI to/from high-speed EIA-530 (with support for speeds of 25Mbps+)

These products include an auto crypto-resync function to ensure the quick re-establishment of communications in the event of a link interruption.

A typical application for these platforms is shown

Satellite Backhaul Solutions

Metrodata's Access Processor (AP) platform is a popular choice for satellite backhaul solutions, deployed at either end of terrestrial Telecoms links.

The diagram illustrates the AP3000 being used with a variety of backhaul circuit types, which may include:

  • HSSI (up to 100Mbps),
  • ECL (up to 100Mbps), 
  • EIA530 (up to 20Mbps), 
  • ASI (up to 52Mbps) and 
  • G.703 (T1, E1, E2, E3 and DS3)

Often, Metrodata’s AP equipment is used to interface backhaul over DS3 and OC-3 circuits, however these might just as easily be local Leased Lines or fiber optic links. Uniquely, the above interfaces can support precise bit-rates with 1bps granularity and can be slaved off satellite modems for exact clocking.

Metrodata provides unique technical solutions for satellite backhaul applications, supporting the following network topologies:

  • Symmetric full duplex backhaul
  • Asymmetric backhaul
  • Simplex, uni-directional with alarm masking 
  • Multicast
  • Fibre backhaul
  • UAV backhaul/reachback (application shown here)

Terrestrial Service Convergence over Satellite

The Access Processor (AP) platform is a simple but comprehensive solution to satellite multiplexing applications.

The AP supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and meshed networks and a wide variety of interfaces are available. Many different satellite modem interfaces are supported which can operate asymmetrically, at extremely fine bandwidth granularities and with flexible clocking modes. Typical applications of Metrodata data communication systems and equipment include;

  • Convergence of multiple applications over satellite, e.g. voice (multiple E1), data (Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, ATM), video (E1, E3, ASI)
  • Convergence of multiple satellite links into a single head end infrastructure 
  • Multi-cast and asymmetric data links over satellite
  • Transport of native ATM over satellite

For Military Satcoms applications some additional features make Metrodata the leader in this field;

  • Support for EIA530 Cryptos and Multi-Band satellite terminals including asymmetric operation
  • Up to 8 remote sites supported from a single chassis
  • Encrypted links integrated and transported across satellite infrastructure
  • Backhaul multiple EIA530 links at up to 20Mbps each over E3/DS3 or STM-1/OC-3



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