Aircraft and Helicopter Hangar Doors

Mekon Paneel

Mekon Paneel, based in Ankara, Turkey, produces high quality airplane hangar doors and helicopter hangar doors. The firm also produces practical buildings, electrically operated commercial doors and garage doors in its factory, established in 1975. The firm is a supplier of door products for many military and civilian aeronautical projects.

Side Assembling Sliding Door For Aircraft Hangars

This strong door has a lightweight design and is suitable for many types of hangar applications. The special construction of the door enables it to be cladded with various types of materials including heat isolation, noise isolation and different glazing options. This type of door also offers low cost alternatives for most of the standard applications.more

Side Folding Sliding Door

This type of door also supports various types of cladding and glazing. The angular positioning of the door panels when in the closed position maintains higher durability against wind forces, so that the side folding sliding door type is more efficient in high doors. The vertical arrangement of door panels in the open position makes the door more compact and the door can be opened from both sides.

Side Cornering Sliding Door

This door type is applicable in hangars, which have no assembling place at the sides for the door panels. The door panels, which are hinged together and move on a single rail system, can be cornered towards the inner or outer side of the hangar sidewall. This side cornering sliding door also provides the same advantages as the side-assembling door of supporting various types of cladding materials.

Hangar Doors - Operation and Safety

Each type of door has electrically operating devices and appropriate safety devices attached to it.

Installation of Airplane Hangar Doors

The installation job consists of fixing the pre-manufactured frames together on the field and putting the door over the rails, followed by the tests. The job lasts a very short time compared with traditional installation methods. As a result, the airport apron is not occupied for a very long time and FOD (Foreign Object Damage) formation is prevented since there is no cutting, drilling, welding, etc. carried out on the field.

Mekon Practical Buildings

The standard size of the module (2,36 x 5,20 x 2,80m) is suitable for transportation and loading. A concrete base is not required. MEKON Practical Building can easily be settled on any plain area. 3 modules can be carried by one truck if transported in disassembled form and can be mounted at any planned area. 10cm footings on corners allow easy placement of sanitary system. The possibility of complete joining the modules side by side and one top of another provides the ease of designing suitable volumes.

It can be mounted on top of each other to maintain large volumes. The main construction is extracted from galvanized sheet iron of 2mm thickness in variety of tones coloured by enamel paint. Window and door frames are from qualified PVC profiles and glasses are 4+12+4 thermopane. The places of window and door frames can be easily rearranged according to the necessities. The exterior side of walls are composed of sheet iron coloured with RAL 9002 white color and contains 60mm insulation. Internal part is covered with 12mm gypsum or fiber panel coating. The ceiling includes twinpanel over 60mm of insulation.

The inner partitions are composed of 40mm glass wool covered by 12mm gypsum panel. As basement, elegant designed pvc flooring is applied over massive wood of 42mm thickness covering. And the roof is finished by membrane application over 11mm plywood. The entire system is a special design of the company and is under protection. Application without permission and copying is forbidden. Our prices are set according to a empty module with 3 units of window, 1 unit of door, 4 units of light and electric system with 3 pieces of sockets.

Extra applications are possible if desired. We hope that our quality system which can be dismounted and mounted without any trouble and loss and can be used for many years will be appreciated by our customers. MEKON has the certificates of ISO 9001, patent and design protection documents, ASO capacity documents, Production Efficiency, T.S.E. Standards, TSEK Quality, Guarantee Certificate of T.C. Ministry of Industry.less


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