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Established in 1998, Mega Fortris is a leading manufacturer and specialist designer of security seals, tamper-evident products and integrated security solutions.

We design, innovate, manufacture and supply high quality, tamper-evident security seals and solutions to customers internationally – including industry leaders in transportation, pharmaceuticals, jewellery, oil and gas, banking and cash-in-transit, postal services, defense, utilities, casinos and entertainment, and many more. more

Mega Fortris believes in personal customer service. We have set up a network of production facilities and offices around the world in 24 countries to provide local services with a global reach – from the United Kingdom, Malaysia and China to Africa and the United States of America. 

The Mega Fortris product range includes:

High Security Bolt Seals

Mega Fortris manufacture and supply a range of high security bolt seals, extremely strong locking devices, certified to ISO 17712:2013 standard. The bolt seals are small in design but extremely rugged, providing tamper proof locking of containers and trailers. The versatile design requires no additional equipment to form a seal and can only be removed through the use of specifically designed bolt cutters.

A range of different bolt seals are available from Mega Fortris and can be applied for use in Air, Sea and Land transport applications.

Tamper Evident Cable Seals

The range of tamper evident cable seals, which are provided by Mega Fortris, provide a highly secure and easy to use solution for safely transporting goods. The cables have been designed with a range of different diameters making them the ideal solution for a range of different application and transport methods.

It is the technology of the cables that makes them so secure. Once the wire passes through the one way locking mechanism, and is pulled tight, a highly secure seal is formed. Not only does this keep goods extremely safe, it is also quick and easy to do, allowing maximum efficiency.

Versatile Security Solutions

We provide a full range of fortified ISO 17712, C-TPAT compliant high security seals and other tamper-evident products and services at very competitive prices, which has led us to become the preferred supplier for many leading companies around the world. These include high security seals, semi-barrier security seals, indicative seals, tamper-evident labels and bags, and total end-to-end journey and asset monitoring security solutions. 

Our range of seals play integral roles as security solutions in transportation and logistics. ISO 17712-certified Mega Fortris high security container bolt seals are used to secure vehicles and rail wagons with valuable goods on land and maritime containers through international sea routes for shipping companies. This is further combined with our other seals and security products that safeguard vehicles against tampering, contributing to the safety and protection of goods, the integrity of the transportation processes and the peace of mind of all involved across the supply chain. 

Commitment to Innovation

Our dedication to customer service and delivering quality products is reflected in our investment in the innovation and development of our seals. With our very own in-house Research and Development team and tooling facilities, we subject our products to rigorous testing processes, rapid prototyping and continuous improvement. 

The improvement process is significant and crucial to stay a step ahead of any challenges that surface within the industry. To combat them, Mega Fortris utilizes covert market intelligence and our sensitivity towards anticipating customer needs to develop advanced and scalable solutions that can be fortified further in the long term.

One of our high security seals, the award-winning Klicker 2K, is the result of solid and ongoing improvement on our mechanical container seal designs. The first iteration of the seal was completed and supplied 16 years ago in 1999 with its locking mechanisms and design further improved in 2004. Finally, as of 2013, the enhanced Klicker 2K was ready for mass production – a state-of-the-art mechanical container seal with high-tamper evident features, it is also the first container seal in the world to feature two colours in its design. 

Partnerships and Ventures

Always pursuing new ways to consolidate our security solutions for our customers, Mega Fortris has partnered with notable names in the global security industry such as CaptureTech and NanoTag to augment our security seals with the latest technology. 

Building on vertical integration and business diversification across new frontiers in the security industries, Mega Fortris has also developed active RFID asset monitoring systems with telematics and track-and-trace service providers for total solutions to secure goods-in-transit with full end-to-end visibility.less


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  • Liam Donaldson

    Sales Professional Contact Expert

    Mega Fortris have over 18 years experience within the tamper evident security sector. Our Sales professional, Liam Donaldson, works with the largest airline companies in the world, creating a quality loss prevention solution.

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