DREAMS Lifebot 5

The LifeBot 5: The Most Advanced Mobile Integrated Healthcare in the World

Medicus Rescue

Saving Lives In Real-Time

Disaster Relief and Emergency Medical Services, or DREAMS™ was developed using $14 million in funding through U. S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and the Telemedicine and Technology Research Center (TATRC) as a Congressionally Funded military research project.

DREAMS™ has been proven in actual use for over six years in real-time life-saving operations aboard five ambulances in Liberty County Texas. No other system is more proven or more efficacious as an ambulance to hospital based telemedicine system. The motto for DREAMS™ is , “Saving lives in real-time.™” and it has done that longer than any other system in the history of the industry.

DREAMS™ offers not only direct live transmission of voice and video but complete patient physiologic data, e.g. ECG, 12-lead STEMI, blood gases, ultrasound, e-PCR, EHR, blood pressure, intracranial pressure monitoring, and a lot more.

Streaming Transmission

Clinical Workstation

The Lifebot Clinical Workstation receives Satellite Transmission from the Lifebot 5 paired in combination with SATCOM technology working with both military and cellular radio. In addition to an indwelling cellular transmission device, when in areas that cellular service does not exist, such as a remote oil and gas area, movie set, military front or application, or any other place you want to go that is outside cell coverage, the Lifebot 5 can provide streaming transmition of patient's vital signs, video and electronic medical record all at the same time, features that in combination are unparalled by any device in the world. Here you see the patient's 12 lead ekg is received simultaneouly with video images of the patient and a host of other features and benefits. Take Medicus Telemedicine Group and Lifebot 5 solutions with you, anywhere you go, anywhere in the world.

Primary Benefits

  • Fully Integrated – only telemedicine system fully integrated – eliminates costly separate devices or gadgets training and confusion
  • Quality Remote Care – expedites access to patient data and eliminates geographic and logistical barriers to prompt quality care
  • Multifunction All-In-One – ability to scale routine care to effectively handle unexpected emergencies
  • Less Errors = Less Risks – more complete information means more accurate assessments
  • Situational Awareness – know precisely what you are dealing with real-time live before arrival
  • Accountable Care – Provides ideal infrastructure for ACOs to expedite meaningful use
  • Saves Lives – more timely more accurate decisions reduces morbidity, mortality and improves outcomes
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