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Medicus Rescue

Medicus Rescue provides a customized healthcare logistics and crisis response plan. Medicus Rescue, is a biotechnology and medical logistics response company whose mission is to provide around the clock consultation for discerning individuals through affordable retainer medicine programs, and advanced technology suited for the most extreme conditions. 

Customers can purchase telemedicine and medical technology and supplies or hire Medicus Rescue & Medicus Telmedicine Group to provide a complete solution. Physician oversight, medical response kit and supplies for critical trauma and medical emergencies, disaster and outbreak responses are all available in customized solutions.  Additional items available for the most extreme conditions include telemedicine for armored personnel vehicles, ambulances, fixed wing and rotary aircraft, instruments for cardiac defibrillation including cardioversion and pacing for medical personnel, automatic external defibrillators (AED) for public first responder, and Hemmorhaghic gauze for wounds bleeding and burns.more

Civilian EMS Advanced Training

In collaboration with our partners, we offer advanced EMS training to medics from Fire, Rescue, and OGA (other government agencies). Our intructors have the highest level experience in first responder and emergecny medical response in trauma and other medical needs. Many have extreme experiences from a variety of places around the globe. We can also customize training for your agency needs.

Physician Telemedicine Oversight

Medicus Telemedicine Group provides physician oversight for extreme environments, executive wellness, medical transport services, commercial and private aviation, athletic events, political forums, and executive estates. Our physicians have extensive training and experience in medicine and pre-hospital care, as well as skills to develop an overall wellness plan for an individual or family when in a retainer medicine program. Call us today for an inquiry or submit a request on the contact page form.

Rig Medic Crew Training

Medicus Rescue and Medicus Telemedicine Group provide crew training for medics in extreme environments. Our instructors and partners have many years experience in extreme civilian and military applications of medical response. Medicus Technology Group provides unparalled equipment for medical remote monitoring in partnership with Lifebot 5 and Lifebot Telemedicine Systems. Our rig crew medic training courses offer advanced training in paratelemedicine and remote medicine including Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) courses. Tactical Combat Casualty Care courses are taught by former Special Operations Forces from Britain, the United States and Canada.

Aeromedical Rescue/ Flight Crew Medical Training

When first response medical assistance and care is needed onboard an aircraft, each step should be as efficient as the blade of a jet turbine. Careful selection and planning of an advanced response to a medical crisis cannot be left to chance. Medicus Rescue will provide that customized plan for crew without connection to doctors or with connection to doctors with the most integrated telemedicine system available. Let Medicus Rescue help you provide immediate response for the unplanned when aloft, or when trasporting the sick via the airways.less


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