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Mecmesin are designers and manufacturers of reliable, affordable and accurate torque & force testing equipment which suits a variety of customer requirements and packaging applications.

The test products from Mecmesin operate under ISO 9001 quality standards and measure to BS, DIN, ASTM standards. For analogue gauges, measurements start at 5gf and high capacity twin-column test frames mean measurements can reach 50kN.more

Offering almost limitless testing capabilities, Mecmesin test solutions enable measurements to be made directly on the factory floor or in the QC laboratory. By carrying out such tests, businesses benefit from maximised production while conforming to required standards, either in-house or international. The checks also help to reduce costs from excess wastage.

Equipment range

Mecmesin's versatile testing machines are used for a wide range of force and torque measurement applications including tension, compression, torque, adhesion, flexure, coefficient of friction, crimp joint, shear, peel, tear, crush, top-load and closure testing.


  • Analogue force gauges
  • Digital force gauges
  • Manual tension and compression testers
  • Motorised force test systems
  • Computer-controlled force test systems
  • Force Testing Software


  • Digital torque gauges
  • Manual digital torque testers
  • Motorised torque test systems
  • Computer-controlled torque test systems
  • Child Resistant Cap Testing & Testers
  • Torque Testing Software

Packaging testing

Child Resistant Cap Testing & Testers

A safety critical test, measurement of child resistant caps ensure closures cannot easily be opened by children, but are still accessible to other consumers, such as the elderly.

To measure a child-resistant cap, a twist action combined with a downward force must be applied to the closure.

Measuring both accessibility and security requires a tester that can capture force and torque data independently.

Mecmesin's dedicated Child Resistant Cap tester does just that and is able to test closures in accordance to ASTM D3472-97, ASTM D3475-97, ASTM D3810-97, ASTM D3968-97, ISO 8317 standards.

Mecmesin's dedicated Child Resistant Cap tester is able to simultaneously measure force and torque, presenting data independently on individual displays.

These correspond to the twist action and downward force applied in order to release the closure.

Easy-to-use, the CRC tester accommodates different container sizes, from 10 - 190mm, and results are easily exportable via the RS232 output.

The CRC tester may also be used to assess the reverse ratchet torque of CRC closures.

Peel Testing Equipment

Adhesive or heat-sealed joints and seams must be tightly formed to ensure pack contents are secure and sterile, but, at the same time, remain easy to open by the end user.

Peel testing is the measurement of the bond strength between two materials and is performed by applying a tension load to the material.

For example, pulling the back of a blister pack of tablets would be either a 90 degree or a 180 degree peel, whilst pulling the seal from the top of a yoghurt pot would be a 90 degree peel.

Mecmesin provides a fast, repeatable and accurate method of assessing the force required to initiate and propagate a peel on container seals and adhesive bonds.

Tear Testing Equipment

Tear testing is a measurement of the resistance of sheet type materials to tearing. A common approach is to apply a tension load to a sample that has been prepared with a cut, slit or notch to begin the controlled tear.

Processing machinery used in manufacturing sheet and film type materials can vary in their performance, hence the need for tear testing.

Mecmesin tear testers range from motorised systems, used in conjunction with a digital force gauge, up to fully programmable computer-controlled test systems with advanced evaluation options.

Capable of testing in accordance with ASTM D-1004-08, TAPPI T-470 and other standards, these test systems offer superb accuracy.

Grips and fixtures include compression plates, test hooks, wedge grips, claw-type grips, cam grips and flat-faced jaw grips.

As well as our standard products, Mecmesin application engineers can design and manufacture test solutions to meet the needs of unique applications with specific criteria.

Dedicated testers, such as the Combi-Cork Extraction Tester, provide customers with an ideal, customised testing solution created specifically for one test purpose. This test system, for instance, measures the release torque of Champagne and Sparkling wine corks, and can be adapted to test the extraction force of still wine corks, providing an "all-in-one solution" for cork.


A privately owned company, based in Slinfold, West Sussex, UK, Mecmesin was originally founded by Jim Oakley, an accomplished design engineer.

Since then, Mecmesin has grown significantly, establishing subsidiaries in the US, China, Thailand and France and has built a global network of distributors in over 50 countries.

Customers, worldwide, benefit by gaining direct access to Mecmesin products and force and torque technical expertise in their local marketplace.

Mecmesin prides itself on offering high quality customer service from initial enquiry, through to the sales process and after-sales support.

Our technical engineers will help guide you to the correct measurement product, incorporating test equipment, grips and accessories. This will provide you with a complete testing solution that offers superb accuracy in order to gain the most from your test measurements.

Once you have purchased Mecmesin test equipment, one of our technical sales engineers will install the product and subsequently, train personnel to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Even after set-up, Mecmesin engineers are always on hand should you have any further queries or new testing requirements to ensure your quality checks remain consistent.

We offer calibration, service and repair at our UK based headquarters for all Mecmesin and other manufactured force and torque testing equipment.

As well as performing a fully comprehensive calibration service at our site, we can also come to you to undertake an on-site verification service within your premises, ensuring minimal downtime for your system or instrument.


Mecmesin test products work within many different industries including: packaging, automotive, engineering, medical, aerospace, plastics, electronics, pharmaceutical, sport, textiles, beverage and cosmetics.

Within the packaging industry, Mecmesin test solutions can be used to measure compression, tension and torque applications including; top-load (PET bottles), peel (adhesive bonds), push-out force (blister packs), 'slip' and 'bridge' torque (tamper-evident closures), application and release torque (screw closures), actuation force (dispensers), tensile strength (ring-pulls, snap-caps, seams) and compressive strength (carton packaging).less


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