Typ SA - cantilever umbrella

The cantilever umbrella or side arm umbrella is a special type of umbrella in which the umbrella mast is moved from the centre of the umbrella to the side. The membrane structure follows a classic design, but is supported from the side instead of from below. This ensures a high free area under the umbrella and allows individual seating arrangements. In addition, the sunshade can be optically enhanced with accessories such as ring heating or LED lamps. The shade is simply opened or closed via a removable hand crank.

It is available rectangular or square in the sizes 3x3m, 4x4m, 5x5m and 3x4m, 4x5m. The frame of the parasol is made of aluminium, which is available in the colours white (standard) or optionally in other RAL colours.  The mast of the cantilever umbrella type SA has an oval shape to ensure more stability.

We recommend the MDT-tex 260 FR or MDT-tex 300 acrylic membrane for this parasol, as it is sufficient for the sizes offered. Other membrane types can also be used for special requirements, just contact us. The screen should be anchored in the ground, ground sleeves or a core bore with piercing sleeve are possible. 

The cantilever umbrella type SA is ideally suited for objects that require a high degree of freedom of space, as the mast no longer forms the centre of the umbrella. Gastronomy and hotels can use the space here ideally for seating without affecting the conviviality of the round with a mast.

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