Typ S16

The umbrella type S16 has a classic design. Its special feature lies above all in its handling. It is equipped with a balance system, which means that a sudden fall of the struts does not occur and therefore any risk of injury is averted. Due to its simple elegance it does not appear overloaded even in combination with accessories.

The parasol type S16 and its model brother type S7 (flatter angle of inclination) are available in square form in the sizes 2.5x2.5m and 3x3m and the parasol 3m in round form, optionally the parasol is available in the sizes 3.5x3.5m and 4m.

The aluminium handle is integrated into the lower stroke (umbrella ring). This market umbrella type S16 has two hubs to ensure even more stability. The parasol S16 has a high-quality aluminium frame, which can be coated in anthracite and white. MDT-tex recommends a MDT-tex 260 FR or MDT-tex 300 acrylic membrane, which can be printed using different printing methods to convey advertising messages.

The tension screen of type S16 can be permanently installed via ground sleeves or stabilised via frame or steel plate stands, which enables the screen to be relocated.

The parasol type S is very easy to operate due to its simple tensioning device and fits into any ambience due to its simple but high-quality appearance. Therefore, this model is very popular in gastronomy, hotel facilities and in the private sector.

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