Typ E - tulip umbrella

The type E parasol is a design model specially developed by MDT-tex, the shape of which is derived from nature. The membrane of the tulip umbrella resembles an upwardly directed flower and its surfaces form a kind of funnel due to their curvature. The umbrella struts are located above the membrane when opened and are not visible from below. The special feature of the parasol type E is not only its appearance, but also its functionality. Due to the upward flower shape, rainwater can be collected and drained between the plexiglass cover and the umbrella mast.

Depending on the anchoring of the tulip umbrella, the water can now be drained into the ground, collected in a cistern or drained above ground in the mobile version. In addition to water drainage, the parasol can also be equipped with Smart Systems, such as a water filtration system. In addition, the tulip umbrellas can be individually designed with effects such as lighting (LED lamps), scent emission or imprints on the membrane, thus creating an extraordinary ambience for any location.

The parasol type E is square, available in the sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m and round with the diameter 4m, 5m and 6m. Type E can be opened or closed with a removable hand crank. The tulip umbrellas have an aluminium frame with a plexiglass covering that surrounds the mast and allows water drainage. MDT-tex offers various materials for membranes. Let us advise you individually to make a choice between MDT-tex 260 FR, MDT-tex 480 PVC or MDT-tex 680 PVC. The tulip umbrellas can be installed as a mobile solution, with an umbrella stand or as a fixed construction with a foundation.  This special parasol can be used for various locations and events. Its special design creates a very special ambience and is the perfect alternative to the classic parasol.

Due to the wide spectrum of different span widths, the tulip umbrella can be used for everything from small gardens in your own home to extensive public spaces. The individual design with light effects e.g. LED lamps and printable membrane make the parasol the perfect brand ambassador for your gastronomy or trade fair events.

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