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McQueen Targets

McQueen Targets is a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services. In the 1880's a Sergeant-at-Arms from the Scottish Borders volunteer force approached McQueen, a local printing company, to produce a penetrable target for the Michaelmas shoot.

Today McQueen Targets design and supply around 20 million targets every year to more than 30 countries around the globe.

The majority of business is undertaken with military and police services as well as registered organisations; however due to the restrictions on private gun ownership individuals wanting to buy targets will have thorough checks run on them.more

Specialised Training Targets

Each specialised training target is designed according to the clients specific requirements, taking into account the firing distance, weapon type and training requirement.

Military Targets

For the past 60 years McQueen Targets have worked with the UK Ministry of Defence, supplying one of the most visually famous targets in the world.

All new weapon targets are NATO certified and can be created with unique scoring zones and graphics, depending on specific requirements relating to the type of weapon used, distance of shooter from target and the style of training being undertaken.

Civilian Targets

McQueen Targets has been supplying a wide range of targets to the NRA and NSRA as well as independent shooting clubs for various competitions and leisure activities for over 100 years.

They can offer a selection of raw material printing options, qualities and designs to accommodate different shooting needs.

Police Targets

Polices Forces around the world are continuously faced with situations where they may need to fire a gun, so target training is paramount.

McQueen Targets work closely with local and national forces, creating new targets to train officers on the front line to respond to ever changing threats.

Threat Assessment

The threat assessment targets are designed to ensure trainees react to what they actually see, not what they think they see. The paper overlay solutions offer an interchangeable, low cost, high quality training aid.

3D Foam Humanoid Dummies

The 3D foam humanoid dummies are being used globally by various specialist units to enhance shoot / no shoot training scenarios. They have been designed to absurd thousands of 5mm-9mm calibre rounds, saving companies money as they will need to be replaced less regularly.

They come with interchangeable feature and can grip weapons and other accessories, making the situation more realistic.less


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