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mb-microtec is a medium-sized company based near Bern. The staff of approximately 50 are based over two locations in Niederwangen, Switzerland. mb-microtec was founded in 1968, as a result of the ongoing changes in the radioluminsecent paint market. Research and development were focused totally on a new light technology, still tritium based, but free of the known disadvantages of the traditional luminous compounds (chemical disintegration, diffusion of the tritium). Ultimately and as a result of continuous research, the trigalight® (gaseous tritium light source, also known as GTLS) was developed in the form in which we know it today.

Often, a contract calls for a specific level of brightness after a certain time. In such cases a customer can consult with mb-microtec and it can usually be determined if specific performance can be guaranteed. In any case, we manufacture our trigalight according to the parameters established in the "British Standard" and all of our sources come with a minimum 10 year performance guarantee.

Trigalight® Inserts

mb-microtec offers a range of specially protected trigalights. These are easily attached to gunsights, providing an expert and precise point of aim. There are two main products, an Economy Light Insert and a Tactical Light Insert, both providing that precise point of aim, but differ slightly in their capabilities. The Economy Insert provides perfect daytime visibility, whereas the Tactical Insert provides excellent night visbility

Cold Light Sources

Completely independent of external sources of energy, mb-microtecs' cold light sources offer indispensable service to a wide range of both state and private, institutions and industries. Although the company does not have certification as per ISO, the internal quality management system makes it possible to ensure the highest level of quality.

Our trigalight are maintenance-free and have a guaranteed lifespan of at least 10 years. Today, mb-microtec is in a position to manufacture light sources with a diameter of just 0,5 mm and a length of 1,3 mm.Trigalights are produced in 4 standard colours and 4 special colours. Brightness and shapes are mostly customer specified. Arcs, spheres and disc shaped lights, rectangular and squared tubes in diameter 0.5mm up to 5mm can be produced.

Light Emitting Devices

mb-microtec also provide the Gaseous Tritium Light Source for military Glotac products and tactical light emitting devices, such as map-readers, arrow-markers, torches (pocket lamps) and aiming posts lamps. All Glotac products use trigalight technology and are therefore maintenance free and independent from external energy supply for over 10 - 20 years.

Watch Illumination (watch lights)

Very small trigalights can be used as special watch illumination systems.


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