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Material Flow Solutions

Material Flow Solutions are the solids flow specialists who provide cost effective engineered solutions based on measured key flow properties and sound scientific principles. We offer both the material flow property testing and the design experience to solve many flow problems facing producers of fine powders and granules in the pharmaceutical industry. We use minimal material property testing data, proprietary testing methods and models, and our decades of consulting experience to offer you solutions that will: establish reliable material handling, increase material flowability, limit degradation, optimize agglomeration, eliminate unscheduled system downtimes, create robust powder flow operations, prevent material hang-up, prevent segregation within your product, improve product quality, reduce product variation, minimize new process design time, develop new products and processes, develop a product that is tailored to the end-user’s specific needs, provide formulation guidance, control feed rates, enhance milling, minimize system segregation problems, scale-up current processes. Using scientifically based solutions, our engineers will help you get it right the first time.more

In-House Testing Laboratory

If you have a particle, we can characterize it.

Our extensive list of in-house testing capabilities for powders and granular materials includes, but is not limited to: unconfined yield strength flow function, friction angle measurement, internal angle of friction and adhesion properties, bulk density and permeability measurement, coating uniformity analysis, wear testing, moisture sorption analysis, thermal conductivity and heat capacity, segregation and blending analyses, attrition and size degradation with population balance model, circularity and granularity analysis, zeta potential, particle size and shape and porosity analysis, particle toxicology studies, spray drying analysis, SEM, and FTIR surface measurement.

Development of Two Novel Laboratory Test Instruments

With decades of experience in the powder and particle industry, we recognized the need for advancement in two very specific areas.

  • Segregation potential measurement and prediction of REAL mixtures – not simple bimodal mixtures, but mixtures of multiple components
  • Powder Flowability measurement at product formulation time – at contact pressures low enough to correlate with REAL tablet/capsule fill systems – and in sample quantities small enough to be affordable when high-cost preliminary production quantities are all that is available

We met the need by developing the SPECTester segregation quantifier and the SSSpinTester strength and density analyzer.


Using the spectral reflectance value of the unique ingredients, as well as the whole mixtures, the SPECTester quantifies the segregation potential of a 6-component material blend. In under 30 minutes, the machine reports how much as well as why your material is segregating. Fully automated, it provides data about: component concentrations, particle size differences, product uniformity, and up to 4 specific segregation mechanisms. Use the SPECTester in R&D facilities and laboratories to quantify the segregation potential of your blend.  Use it in production plants for real-time quality control.


SSSpinTester uses the science and power of centrifugal force to measure the bulk strength and density of fine powders with just 0.05 gram of sample. Current methods of analyzing a powdered material require at least liter of sample – often hard to come by in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  New technology extends the testing range down to 0.05 KPA, allowing direct measurement for arching. Never rely on inherently inaccurate extrapolation for answers again! If you have sufficient sample to run a particle size analysis, you've got enough to measure strength and density with the SSSpinTester.less


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  • Design engineer

    • Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
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  • Dr Kerry Johanson

    Chief Operations Officer Contact Expert

    Dr. Kerry Johanson received his BS and PhD degrees in chemical engineering from Brigham Young University. His 35+ years of experience in the powder industry make him a leading expert in the field of fine pharmaceutical powder handling. As Chief Operatio

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