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Military Vehicle Recovery

Emil Bjornsson founded Master-Pull in 1996. The Bellingham, WA based company supply a range of military vehicle recovery solutions to the off-road community, a range of military forces and many industrial concerns.

An ex commercial fisherman, Emil applied his knowledge of advanced fishing rope technology to this new business. He considered the inherent strength of the rope used and converted it to a range of towropes and winch lines. Since this first product line up, the product range has continually grown to include, winch accessory kits, recovery kits, swing blocks, shackles, hooks and winch lines.more

Synthetic Winch Lines

Master-Pull supplies a wide range of synthetic winch lines with a maximum load of up to 533,000lbs. The Super-Line XD range of winch lines have the highest breaking strength in their class whilst achieving a weight 80% lower than that of steel cable of a similar strength. A synthetic winch line is also much safer than a steel cable as, in the unlikely event that the line breaks it will not snap back potentially injuring those unlucky enough to be close by. The Super-Line XD also features a tough braided outer cover to aid the line’s abrasion resistance. Sand and dirt is unable to damage the inner core, maintaining the ropes’ strength over its lifetime. These lines are also able to float and are therefore ideal for use in almost any terrain.

Kinetic Tow Rope

A kinetic tow rope differs from a standard tow rope as it uses the stored energy in the elastic quality of the line to help yank the stuck vehicle free. This elasticity also helps reduce the shock to the vehicle’s chassis when being pulled free. Master-Pull’s Super-Yanker kinetic tow rope is able to stretch up to 30% longer when in use. The Super-Yanker is able to withstand a maximum pull of up to 549,000lbs, that's 249 metric tons! A bridle is also available for use in conjunction with the Super-Yanker tow rope. It aids towing by creating a more controlled and even pull on the vehicle. It can also be used as an extension for the tow rope.

Vehicle Recovery Kit

Vehicle Recovery Kits from Master-Pull are a comprehensive collection of recovery equipment designed specifically for winching or towing applications. The equipment supplied varies depending on whether the customer specifies a light, medium or heavy weight vehicle recovery kit. All of the kit is supplied in a convenient storage bag.

Master-Pull also offer a range of specialised vehicle recovery tools such as; winch ground anchors, sand channels, hi-lift heavy-duty vehicle jacks and a variety of chains, shackles and hooks. All of which are made to the highest possible standard to provide effective and consistent performance in tough terrain.less


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