MANIHOE, Handling or earthworks, why choose?


This patented concept machine, the first of its kind in the world, draws on MANITOU's considerable expertise which has already been put to use on more than 100,000 MANISCOPIC machines.

handling and excavating

The latest product helps create the first family of MANITOU machines that can cope with both handling and excavating. The name is a contraction of the brand MANITOU and Backhoe, a tractor shovel.



With its front telescopic arm, the MANIHOE can reach forward at heights far exceeding traditional machines. The simple hitching system makes it quick and easy to change attachments without wasting time. Almost all Manitou accessories (forks, buckets, 4 in 1) can be used.


The MANIHOE can carry out all the operations normally done by a tractor shovel. The rear-mounted shovel can do all the work of a tractor shovel such as digging trenches, excavation work and drains.

The front-mounted telescopic arm makes light of everyday jobs on a construction site:

  • Passing over obstacles like trenches, low walls and hedges
  • Loading skips
  • Laying pipes or cables in the middle of trenches
  • Loading trucks from above

The MANIHOE provides two crucial advantages: extra productivity and ease of use for all tasks.

Once again, with another brand-new idea, Manitou demonstrates its ability to design a tool that meets its customer’s needs.

Handling armTechnical details

Handling arm

  • Nominal capacity: 2500 kg
  • Lift: 5.22 m
  • Forward reach: 3 m
  • Quick hitch system for MANITOU accessories

Rear Shovel

  • Excavation depth: 6.15 m
  • Reach from rear axle: 6.95 m
  • Bucket snatch force: 6.155 daN
  • Drawbar snatch force: 3000 daN

Power and transmission

  • Turbo PERKINS 101 CV EURO II engine
  • 4-speed F/R hydrodynamic trnasmission
  • F/R axles with integratedbrakes and limited slip differential

Rear Shovel

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