Zetasizer Nano ZSP

The Zetasizer Nano ZSP material characterisation system is the top product in Malvern's Zetosizer Nano range offering maximum features and flexibility. The instrument returns accurate measurements for molecular size and weight, particle size, zeta potential for surfaces and nanoparticles, and electrophoretic mobility in proteins. The ZSP supports microrheology measurements using dynamic light scattering. It can also be used to determine kD, the interaction parameter in dynamic light scattering, A2, the second virial coefficient.

Options and accessories for the Zetasizer range include a chromatography kit for calculation of absolute size, an autotitrator and degasser system for profiling of size and Zeta potential against pH or conductivity, the SV-10 viscometer for accurate analysis by dynamic light scattering and a microrheology package enabling determination of the viscoelectric properties of polymers and proteins.

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