Zetasizer Nano Z Zeta Potential Analyzer

Malvern's Zetasizer Nano Z Zeta Potential Analyzer offers employs laser doppler micro-electrophoresis for precise measurement of electrophoretic mobility and zeta potential in water-based and non-aqueous dispersions. This information helps drug developers and manufacturers to make informed decisions about a formulation in selecting the most suitable materials to deliver enhanced shelf life and stability.

Understanding zeta potential and protein charge is important since it affects a range of material parameters including binding affinities, particle aggregation, catalysation, stability, crystallisation, filtration and interaction with membranes. The Zetasizer nano Z is devoted entirely to measurement of zeta potential while other members of the Zetasizer series, such as the ZS, ZSP and ZS90 add the ability to measure molecular size and weight.

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