Zetasizer AT Process Analytical Tool

Malvern Instruments' Zetasizer AT Process Analytical Tool is a mobile instrument that uses on-line dynamic light scattering for real-time monitoring of particle size. Particle size is an important factor in determining the behaviour of products ranging from purified water to pharmaceuticals. For example, large particles in many APIs are not readily soluble, so particle size may need to be reduced, using nanomilling, to aid solubility. Particle size measurements help to determine where milling is required and how long processing should carry on.

The Zetasizer AT has a built-in sampling system that takes small samples automatically, dilutes the samples and then moves it to the analyser for analysis. The flexible instrument can be used in applications ranging from production scale manufacturing plants to pilot plants and development labs.

By measuring changes in particle size over time, the system can track the progress of a manufacturing process and stop it once the target is achieved. In addition to saving energy and time, this helps to mitigate risks of over-processing, while the collected data helps to increase confidence in meeting quality requirements such as passing through sterilisation filters effectively.

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