MicroCal VP-ITC

Malvern's MicroCal VP-ITC isothermal titration calorimeter is a fast, precise, powerful and user-friendly instrument designed to operate unattended in studying biomolecular interactions. It provides an effective, label-free solution recording all the information required to characterise interactions in antibodies, biomolecules, nucleic acids and proteins, compatible with a range of buffers, irrespective of molecular weight.

The MicroCal VP-ITC can measure the thermodynamic interactions and binding affinity between any pair of biomolecules enabling calculation of interaction stoichiometry, entropy, enthalpy and binding affinity. By testing over a range of temperatures, the instrument can also measure changes in heat capacity. Applications of the MicroCal VP-ITC include hit validation, lead optimisation, inhibitor design and researching the kinetics of enzyme-catalysed reactions.

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