Omnisec GPC - SEC System

GPC/SEC Analysis of Polymer Branching

Studying Branching in Polymers with Triple Detection GPC/SEC

Polymer Branching takes place in a polymer when part of a monomer is replaced by either a chain of the original polymer, or a 'graft' chain of a different type. This process can massively influence the physical characteristics of the resulting polymer. It can also increase chain density and entanglements, affect the crystallinity of the polymer and influence parameters ranging from toughness and modulus to glass transition temperature.

Malvern present a new application note aimed at helping readers understand the polymer branching process, allowing them to enhance product specifications and reduce the risk of failure. The paper explores the use of Size Exclusion Chromatography (Gel Permeation Chromatography) to analyse branching in PVP and optimise performance in PVP films, coatings and adhesives.

For more information, view Malvern's full application note here.

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