Differential Scanning Calorimetry as a Diagnostic Tool for Cancer Patients

Analysis of Serum Samples wth DSC

Malvern Instruments' application note examines the use of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for analysing serum samples, which contain diagnostic cancer biomarkers. The development of a tumour correlates with changes in metabolic function, which result in altered composition of blood serums. Analysing and profiling a range of factors in serum composition enables massive improvements in cancer treatment by predicting patient outcomes, detecting tumour recurrence and delivering real-time data on response to therapy, recognising new targets for treatment, illuminating the mechanisms behind drug resistance and enhancing our knowledge of metastatic disease and tumour progression.

DSC can be used to assess the variation of a macromolecule's partial heat capacity with changing temperature. This enables estimation of the structural stability of the macromolecules to thermal denaturation. The precise measurements enable the analysis of changes in the molecular shape of plasma biomolecules. Research has shown that the DSC thermogram of blood plasma differs between healthy individuals and those with different diseases. Therefore DSC provides an effective mechanism for cancer diagnosis. For more information, view Malvern's full application note here.

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