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Ever since it was set up in 1985, MKU has shown a keen desire to excel and achieve. Today it is a lethal combination of some of the finest manpower in the industry and technical expertise deployed at its 3 manufacturing units at Kanpur, India along with its team of representatives across the world.

Personal Protection Solutions

With a keen sense and an experienced eye in combating competition M Kumar Udyog has grown from strength to strength in the past 18 years to become one of the leading manufacturers of military & paramilitary personal protection solutions in the world.more

Effective cost control and economically viable sourcing has earned M Kumar Udyog a formidable reputation, it has helped it in attaining considerable respect and credibility from both, its clients, and its competitors.

MKU is amongst the very few companies in the world, having its own in-house capabilities for Designing, manufacturing and processing of Anti Ballistic products.

At MKU, products are tested for safety compliance by renowned laboratories across the world including H. P. White, USA; Mellrichstadt Germany etc.

Bulletproof Jackets and Ballistic Body Armour

The tactical jackets manufactured by MKU are used by the military, police, navy and other law enforcement organisations. These ballistic jackets and vests provide safety to individuals exposed to gunfire, small artillery and shrapnel so they can carry out operations in complete safety.

Made from polyethylene and Aramid fibre, ergonometric design for flexibility & comfort, these jackets have the option for ballistic inserts, for higher protection. These can be customised exactly as per the requirement.

Polyethylene and Ceramic Ballistic Inserts, Stab Resistant Panels and Steel Shock Plates

MKU offers a wide range of ballistic panels and inserts, which can be used as stand-alone as well as in conjunction with vests. These inserts can be inserted into the jackets to provide enhanced protection. At MKU, these Up armour Inserts can be customised for sizes, shapes and protection capabilities.

PASGT Helmets, M-1 Combat Helmets, Anti-Riot Helmets and Crash Helmets

The helmets manufactured by MKU are ideal for the army, paramilitary and police forces. They are tough, durable, and reliable and give protection from gunfire up to NIJ Level IIIA, which includes 9mm FMJ, 357 Magazine, 44 Magnum, Fragments.

Additional protection with visors (both ballistic & non ballistic) and neck protection is also provided as per the requirement. Integration with various equipments is easily possible with MKU Helmets.

De Mining Suits

MKU De-mining suits are designed to protect personnel from all types of high-velocity fragments, pressure and intense heat in a close proximity explosive detonation. Manufactured from ultra-lightweight, non-woven fragmentation material, the de-mining suits are light and flexible and can be worn by mine disposals crews, bomb squads or other personnel working in areas where bombs and land mines are known to be present.

The basic search suit can be upgraded by modular up-armour components.

Canvas & Vulcanised Rubber Footwear

MKU is one of the largest suppliers of canvas and vulcanised rubber boots to the armed forces with large manufacturing capabilities. MKU also recommends design and development of footwear for varied requirements of its customers.

NBC Overboots

MKU also manufactures NBC Overboots for safety from Nuclear, Biological and chemical contamination.

Bomb Blankets with Safety Rings

MKU has developed bomb suppression blankets & safety rings. This combination provides emergency protection against blasts and shrapnel in situations where the bomb or mine detonates before it can be diffused. Effective against most pipe bombs, hand grenades, shrapnel and fragments caused by pressure or electrical explosions.

Vehicle Armouring

The Composite Ballistic Protection is alternative to heavy traditional material. These panels can be made in lighter configuration offering multi impact protection & shock resistance. It also increases durability & efficiency of the vehicle. Wide application includes Cockpit doors, Armoured vehicles for Ballistic protection, Fire resistance etc.less


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