Improve Your Baggage Handling Process by means of a Quality Measurement Tool

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Baggage Handling

To help analyse and improve baggage handling processes, Lyngsoe Systems offers a standalone system – the Lyngsoe ABQM (Automatic Baggage Quality Measurements).
This tool can help identify processing problems as well as provide a total overview of the baggage handling process – within an airport, or the entire process from check-in in one airport and to the final destination. You can break down a process in relevant pieces and find the “weak link”.

The Lyngsoe ABQM makes it possible to identify where improvements can be made in a baggage handling process in order to obtain maximum performance and minimize cost.

The challenges you face may involve:

  • The need to obtain objective knowledge about the Baggage Handling Process
  • The need to increase the volume of processed Baggage
  • The need to optimize the Service Quality of Baggage Handling System
  • The need to carry out time studies of every process in the Baggage Handling System to verify against Service Level Agreements
  • The need to locate the reasons for unsatisfactory delivery time of baggage
  • The need to decrease a high rate of mishandled baggage

Improve the Quality of the Baggage Handling Process

One BagOften the outcome of measuring the quality brings more than suggestions for systems or process changes; it also delivers a change of mindset, which alone improves the quality of the baggage handling process. We see that sharing all the facts about the baggage handling quality, improves the cooperation between airports, airlines and baggage handlers considerably. A great deal of discussion is avoided simply because of the presence of valid and objective documentation.

The Lyngsoe ABQM can provide objective documentation on key performance indicators making it possible to compare actual reality with service contracts. This way of measuring service compliance has proved extremely beneficial for all parties as discussions based on opinions rather than facts are avoided.

The Lyngsoe ABQM is an independent and web-based system that is ideal for use in short periods of time to analyse and improve various quality issues, and also as a permanent tool in baggage handling quality assessments.

Lyngsoe ABQM - One measurement is worth more than a thousand opinions!

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