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Lyngsoe Systems

Lyngsoe Systems is one of the world's leading software manufacturers and systems integrators. We supply some of the world's most complex airport control systems and manage the largest active RFID network in the world covering more than 14,000-networked reading gates in more than 65 countries.

Lyngsoe Airport Division supplies and integrates control and track-and-trace systems for optimal passenger, baggage, asset and cargo handling. The solutions are dedicated to elevating the passenger travel experience and optimizing airport logistics through streamlining operational processes, identifying and removing bottlenecks, increasing flow transparency and capacity, and reducing the quantity of mishandled bags, trolleys, ULDs and other assets.more

Through our supply of active and passive RFID solutions, we know what it takes to integrate large RFID-networks to deliver maximum benefits to our customers. We implemented the world's first RFID-on-baggage solution for Hong Kong International Airport and the first in Europe for Milan Malpensa Airport.

Taking a holistic view on the airport processes is key to our approach to logistics optimization. At our latest annual "Optimizing Baggage Management with RFID" Summit held in Malpensa in February 2008, we emphasized how cooperation between airports, airlines and handlers was essential for really moving forward with elevating logistics. This is further endorsed as a key element for successful implementation by the NICE Travel project - a project that Lyngsoe Systems has led with our RFID expertise and extensive airport process knowledge.

An extensive report with results from the NICE Travel project can be downloaded from our website.

Our RFID development facilities and RFID test centers in Denmark, Canada and Romania keep us on the leading edge. Based on our extensive worldwide experience, we offer airport flow analysis, quality measurements and recommendations for significant improvements of operations and performance. Offering simulations as well as smooth integration and operational support is also part of our services.

RFID Baggage Tracking

Lyngsoe Systems has supplied the world's first RFID on Baggage solution for Hong Kong International Airport and the first in Europe for Milan Malpensa Airport. Implementing RFID on baggage on either an existing baggage handling system or a new installation improves the baggage handling accuracy, security and capacity while decreasing the quantity of mishandled baggage and delivering an increased throughput and visibility of baggage to airlines and handling agents.

Terminal Management

Improving the passengers' travel experience is one of the key challenges at a time of heavy increases in passenger numbers. The Lyngsoe Passenger Management system supports smoother passenger flow management in the terminal area as well as facilitating on-time flight departure. The Lyngsoe Trolley Tracking and Management System ensures the availability of trolleys in appropriate locations at all times, thus optimizing the service level and decreasing the need for manual trolley searches.

Baggage Reconciliation

The Lyngsoe Baggage Management and Reconciliation system is a completely automated RFID-enabled baggage reconciliation, tracking and management solution, which can be tailored to specific airline, handler as well as airport requirements. The software is well proven through the deployment of the Lyngsoe Baggage Handling System in the SAC environment.

Baggage Handling Control System

The Lyngsoe Baggage Handling Control System solution is a complete suite of High Level Control System applications with our SAC as the cornerstone. The suite is the baggage handling system operator's dream of a tool and toolbox with applications ensuring full control and visibility of the entire baggage flow. The SAC ensures sortation of bags according the to flight-discharge allocations made on the graphical user interface. Visibility of the baggage flow is ensured by the Baggage Flow Monitoring tool and Baggage Trace tools. Bags can be identified and rerouted on the fly. Tight transfer connections and critical bags are easily identified. The entire solution can be customized and tailored to the exact Baggage Handling System layout and configuration. Our experience in the RFID field ensures the solution is prepared and enabled for baggage handling using RFID.

Automatic quality measurement

The Lyngsoe Automatic Quality Measurement System monitors and measures the quality level and process times in baggage and/or passenger handling. Process times are automatically registered and validated allowing for identification of bottlenecks as well as short-term challenges. The system provides valuable decision data in respect of SLA and KPI to the airport.less


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