Traffic Information and Airport Communication Systems


LPT-IT is a producer of software for passenger information systems mainly for airports and railway stations. Our product portfolio includes:

viasFIDS – Flight Information Display System

  • is a multi-airport or single airport solution. The viasFIDS supports SITA interface based on either IBM WebSphere MQ or POP3 (Email) transport using the SITA BATAP protocolmore
is based on multi-airport hosting with the advantage of only one SITA interface feeding several Airport with data is designed for multiuser environment which allows users in different areas of the operating aspect to perform those tasks assigned such as Stand Allocation, Gate and Check-in assignment, Resource planning and execution of flight handling operators frontend includes an Stand Allocation View, designed for optimal user overview of assignment of Stands

The viasFIDS system is extremely fast updating all attached display devices. The propagation delay from an input is detected until involved display devices are updated is below one second. viasFIDS comes with a software package, viasIGS, for monitor controllers running Linux. viasIGS uses the Chrome browser as the display engine. This means that layouts can be designed using HTML5 and contain any thinkable graphic layout. The communication to the viasIGS is done through web-sockets. The web-sockets secures that we have an unbroken communication channel from the viasFIDS to the web-browser showing the result. Data are pushed to the browser through the web-socket. The dynamics fields on the layout has named tags that can be referenced from the viasIGS server.

Because the viasIGS uses HTML5 it can be used to show any advertisement page either on the whole screen or only on a small part of it. The control when to show which advert can be done over the FIDS server. The operators can get a live mirror of the content of the monitor together with a status of the device through the AlarmClient. Device that uses proprietary protocols can be used by writing a DisplayDriver for it. A DisplayDriver is practically nothing but a protocol converter. viasFIDS works with any AODB either by operating directly on the AODB tables or by using live database views. viasFIDS uses an Oracle database. In viasFIDS one can do any device and layout reconfiguration without restarting any programs. Configuration of viasFIDS is done through setup tables.

viasPAS -  Automatic Passenger Announcement System

  • is a rule based, free programmable software packaged that is used to generate text messages for either a Text To Speech engine, an e-mail service or an SMS distributor
  • is a multi-airport or single airport solution. The viasPAS can be used on the top of any passenger information system or AODB

viasPAS is independent of the underlying database structure. The program can adopt any traffic table layout. The viasPAS reacts within one second from a change in the database until the text is send to the TTS engine. The rules and phrases used by the program can be maintained by the administrator of system. New rules can be written I minutes and attached to new or old phrases. viasPAS has a log of the generated announcements that also can be used as a playback to ensure what was send at a given time and where. viasPAS can be setup to announce on loudspeaker zones. One can freely define different type of zones like: An airport zone, covering all speakers in the whole airport. A finger zone covering all speakers only on the finger and of course a gate zone covering only the gate. viasPAS operates with different languages. When one defines the text for a phrase, one can define it in different languages. When combining a rule and a phrase one also has to define which languages the speech should be done in. Furthermore, a destination language can be added. Example: a speech is define to be done in English and German but the destination for the flight is Rome so Italian is added.

The Rule/Phrase combination can be limited by stating that the rule is only valid if a certain database variable is equal to a value. Example: A given speech is only valid if the airline company is equal to “SAS”. viasPAS works with event rules and time rules. Event rules are triggered by a change in a database value. Time rules are triggered by a database value comes inside a time window. The rule language is pure SQL statements both for event and time expressions.less


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