Rapid Deployment Military Shelters: Fast Installation in Challenging Environments

Losberger RDS

Losberger RDS have seen some action. For almost one hundred years, the company have been providing rapid deployment military shelters for use in disaster relief efforts and on the battlefield, which have enabled troops to carry out vital operations in the most physically demanding and hostile environments.

Rapid Deployment Military Shelter

Losberger RDS military shelters are suitable for a variety of purposes, such as field hospitals, aircraft hangars, army headquarters and command posts. Some of the company's most impressive projects include the supply and montage of catering facilities for British forces in Iraq; working with Thales to provide 18 rapid deployment inflatable tents for Air Force Bases in France; the supply and erection of ten complex structures for troop military housing in Afghanistan.

Rapid Deployment Military Shelters

Inflatable Tents

In the event of a natural disaster, it is essential for emergency forces to set up command & control, medical and communication stations quickly. Losberger RDS inflatable tents are some the most rapid deployment military shelters available on today's market, from package to full inflation in under five minutes.

This innovative concept uses inflatable purlins, which act as arches that pull the tent's hard waring canvas taught, so there is no need for additional poles or supports. A major benefit of the design is that it requires only one person to oversee its installation, freeing up military and emergency personnel for more pressing tasks, such as coordinating operations.

The absence of an interior membrane keeps the tent lightweight, more so than most other inflatable units, but additional features are available, such as insulation, lateral doors, windows and electronic climate control to deliver the best possible living / working conditions.

Fast Erecting Shelters

Losberger's hydraulic controlled Fast Erecting Shelters are suitable for missions that require a more sturdy structure, for example, a shelter which will be used by a variety of personnel for operational coordination and that contains high value equipment. The shelter itself is fitted to a trailer, which can be placed in the preferred location before the unit is rapidly deployed using the hydraulic system, saving time and resources.

These types of rapid deployable military shelters are available in sizes between 60 and 340m2, so are suitable for a broad range of applications, including mobile workshops, civil security, helicopter and vehicle maintenance hangars, logistic command posts and conference rooms.

Hydraulic Fast Erecting SheltersRapid Deployment Military Shelters

Rapid Deployment Tents

Losberger RDS also offer traditionally designed rapid deployment tents, which use strong alloy frames that are resistant rust and corrosion that can potentially occur on the battlefield or in transit. During installation, an individual length of canvas is attached to the fixed structure to offer unrivalled protection against high winds, freezing conditions or damp environments.

The tent's frame is delivered in a single package, so benefits from being compact and transportable. The unit is manufactured with quick deployment in mind and can be installed on all types or ground (even frozen) by ideally using three or four personnel.

If Losberger's turn key solutions do not currently provide the tent for your needs, the company can work closely with clients to develop bespoke solutions meeting the necessary requirements.

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