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Loadhog innovate & manufacture reusable plastic transit packaging products to contain, secure & transport goods in the most efficient, effective & waste free way possible.

At Loadhog, we hate waste - be it wasted product from damage, theft or pallet collapse; wasted vehicles through poor fill rates as a result of ineffective packaging (like cages) or delicate product; wasted resources such as investment in excess labour, space, disposable packaging, machinery and processes - all ultimately cost money & we are in business to minimise these unnecessary costs.more

Put simply, our business is based on solving every day problems to create a sustainable, dynamic approach to moving products in any supply chain.

As part of the Gripple Group ( we are backed by a world leading manufacturing & engineering business, giving us access to significant resources, a unique approach and pedigree to help your business. Winning the recent Queens Award for Enterprise - Innovation underlines the quality & creativity of the solutions we design, make and implement with / on our clients behalf and we would like to hear from you if any of our products are of interest or a fresh approach is required in an area of your supply chain.

Loadhog Products and Services

  • Pallet Lid
  • Folding Pallet Container
  • Glass Packaging System
  • Pallet Dolly Combination
  • Pally and Lid System
  • HogBox Bulk Container
  • Accessories
  • New Products

Loadhog Attached Lid Container

A versatile container featuring an innovative tessellating lid design, reducing the likelihood of damage and allowing for greater logistics gains and increased vehicle fill.

The Loadhog Attached Lid Container has been designed to provide safe, ergonomic handling and storage of goods in a range of industries. Stackable when full and nestable when empty, Loadhog Attached Lid Containers are effective as standalone products, or can form the perfect reusable packaging solution when used in conjunction with the Pally & Lid system.

  • Innovative lid tessellation provides neater stacking and allows for up to 10% greater vehicle fill
  • No overhang; lids secure in a vertical line when nested as empties
  • Hinge design allows for quick and easy replacement of damaged lids
  • Boasts multiple recess locations for barcodes and labels
  • Customisable in terms of colour and branding
  • Recess feature in the tip of the box accommodates the full range of Loadhog Lids
  • Fully compatible with Pally & Loadhog Lids; eliminating all one trip packaging. Also compatible with most existing plastic tote boxes.
  •  Available in varying depths to suit individual requirements including 250mm, 310mm and 365mm

Loadhog Lids - Self-Securing Pallet Lid - UK, Euro & Half Euro Sizes

The Loadhog Lid fully secures a load to any wooden/plastic pallet or dolly without using banding or plastic wrapping - it needs no other equipment and leaves the load instantly protected and secure. The benefits of the Loadhog Lid are not limited to eliminating packaging waste. Significant savings can be generated with every lid use:

  • 2 minute time saving for every pallet secured
  • Zero disposable packing costs, equipment and ordering
  • Zero waste to dispose of
  • Reduced space and pallet movements required - the Lids are secured on the spot - not moved to a separate securing area where backlogs occur at wrapping/banding stations
  • Double stacking- potentially halving the number of trailers used
  • Stability, security and improved presentation.

There are also Health and Safety improvements associated with getting rid of plastic wrap/banding in an operation such as no bending, no knives & no discarded trip hazards.

The Lids come in UK, Euro and Half Euro size with either 2 or 4 straps. Bespoke Lids can also be developed, tailored to specific industry needs, with RFID/barcode tracking built into all our products.

Pally - The Pallet & Dolly in One Unit

The Pally is both a pallet and wheeled dolly in one 800x600mm unit. Pally was designed to bridge the gap between the need for an immobile, stable and automatable pallet and a fully mobile, wheeled dolly solution - it does both with one push of a pedal!

A load of up to 500kg can be transformed from a pallet to a dolly (and back) in one easy step by pressing a foot pedal located on either side of the unit.

Unlike any other dolly with a brake, the wheels can be lifted clear of the floor when in pallet mode, with the entire weight on the pallet bearers - not simply "braked". This is better for picking, for use on tail lifts and for handling as a pallet in a trailer - it just won't move!

Compared to a pallet - no pump, forklift or electric trucks are needed, with instant flexibility to move or secure at any point in the supply chain.

The Pally and Lid System

The Pally and Lid System is a unique, complete product handling system for use throughout the supply chain. Wherever roll cages, Magnums/stillages or pallets are used to move boxes, Pally & Lid will transform your supply chain. Not least of the benefits include the instant ability to eliminate up to 48% of your trailers needed to move full product. More than 50% of trailers moving empty equipment can also be taken off the road. Pally & Lid will increase your vehicle use by:

  • 42% per 40 foot trailer (64 loaded Pallys vs 45 cages)
  • 48% per 14 tonne vehicle (40 Pallys vs 27 cages)
  • 33% per 7 tonne vehicle (20-24 Pally vs 15 cages)

The Pally Rack

The Pally Rack was created in response to the needs of the Healthcare industry. Often lacking in storage space, faced with heavy product, critically short lead times according to patient needs and significant hygiene requirements, the Pally Rack allows suppliers to pack product onto a secure 800x600mm rack and deliver this direct into hospitals in a safe transit format.

Once at hospital, the Pally base allows Porters to move product on demand without lengthy picking times into cages or issues of cross contamination associated with mechanical handling trucks and pallets. Once on wards, the product can be left bedside or in narrow corridors as a stable, immobile unit - patient friendly, hygienic and easily moveable for cleaning or patient needs. Differing height, shelf numbers and spacing can be created on request.

HogBox System

The perfect balance of volume, security and individual vs. bulk handling for any valuable, delicate, mixed or bulky products - the HogBox & HogBox System!

Our System comprises two parts:

  1. The HogBox (a large 180 litre plastic box with pallet feet attached allowing the box to be handled as a pallet with all Mechanical Handling Equipment)
  2. The HogLid (a 1200x1000mm self securing pallet lid)

The HogBox is essentially a bulk, hand moved box - lightweight in design & 1,000mm x 600mm in foot-print. This can be lifted by hand when empty or with a light load yet handled as a pallet when fully loaded with up to 100kg (requiring no pallet to handle when loaded)

The HogBox offers a unique solution - being:

  • Secure - when packed, the contents can be sealed with the attached lids. The HogBox can then be handled throughout the supply chain as an individual sealed unit in it's own right
  • Easily handled as a 6 Box bulk load - if multiple boxes need moving, 6 HogBoxes can be stacked in one UK (1200x1000mm) pallet space and secured with the Hog Lid - no pallets and no other securing materials needed
  • Double stackable in transit - where valuable, delicate or uneven mixed products need transporting, the HogBox System allows a level and fully stable platform for secure double stacking in transit, dramatically reducing the numbers of trailer needed
  • Fully nestable- when empty boxes will all nest (stack) inside one another for efficient returns with a minimum ratio of 3:1

Great for consolidation, separation or movement of multiple product ranges that are too large for a small tote box but too valuable delicate or lacking in volume associated with the open & often crushing volume of a cage or Magnum container.


Smartstak load handling system is designed for ‘'tall-pack'' beer bottle palletisation, handling and transportation. The system prevents collapsed pallet loads of bottles totally, improves trailer fill by 10% immediately and eliminates 75% of the disposable packaging currently used. The system comprises Smartpads, which are places on each layer, and topped with a Smartframe - a spring loaded top frame. The two elements work together to control vibration, tension and impact on loads over time or during transportation. This Smartstak System also improves efficiency, throughput, health and safety and dramatic reduction in bottle scuffing and breakage.

As recent winners of the Queens Award for Enterprise - Innovation, SmartStak is driving a new standard in glass packaging worldwide.



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