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Preventing Fragmentation Saves Lives

The Lindner Group is Europe’s leading fit-out and facade construction company, specialising in developing and manufacturing its own products to ensure superior quality and functionality. Lindner solutions for commerce, industry, transport, healthcare and entertainment can be found worldwide.

Bomb Blast Security

Bomb Blast FragmentsLindner Secure is a new product range developed in response to the increasing demand for enhanced security environments. With an increasing risk of terrorist activities in today’s society, where political unrest and religious tensions are playing out on an international stage, it is unfortunately necessary to assess any public structure that sees the gathering of large numbers of people – from airports and stadia to shopping centres, hospitals and government buildings – in the context of bomb-blast security.

Lindner recognized the lack of product systems available in this field and commissioned Crossley Consult, specialist in high security and counter-terrorism material solutions, and building product design specialist Billings Jackson Design to collaborate on the pioneering Lindner Secure range.

The intention is to provide architects and designers with the tools and systems they need to create inherently blast-enhanced environments without compromising design excellence. A comprehensive range of facades, partitions and wall claddings, suspended ceilings and raised floors, with complementary products including waste bins, which meets security best practice without detracting from aesthetic or functional performance and importantly without inspiring public fear or paranoia.

Lindner Secure products are elegant, unobtrusive and effective, integrating seamlessly into architectural schemes of all scales to ensure safety is quite literally ‘designed in’.

What happens in the case of a bomb detonation? It is not only the explosion itself but also the highly underestimated hidden danger in the surrounding environment that imperils people. Released fragments of glass, metal or even concrete surfaces act like bullets when a bomb explodes. Moreover larger parts of claddings and ceilings might collapse and their single components might come down and hit people.

The bomb blast tests performed by Lindner have revealed that the forces acting a structure depend on the environment surrounding the origin of the blast. Such forces can cause breakup and the release of fragments and particles from surrounding structures, representing a huge danger in the area surrounding an explosion.

Lindner Secure Products

Life-Savers in Public Buildings

Malaga Airport Teminal 3, Spain      Central Station, Cologne, Germany

The above images show typical scenes on an airport and railway station as an exemplary environment and area of application for Lindner Secure building products. To date, unfortunately only few public buildings, which might become the target of bomb blast attacks, have blast-enhanced interior building products installed. Many might argue that there are security personnel, the police, detection systems or even body scanners eliminating the threats of such attacks. However, these measures of security can simply not cover the entire building area at all times. Many airport terminals and railway station buildings are open to the public unless you reach the security area. Especially the zones outside the security area, e.g. on an airport, could be targeted as the potential location of an attack to maximise the harming
effect of a bomb blast assault.

Crowds of people standing in front of check-in, baggage drop-off desks or moving in narrow highly frequented areas with their luggage are typical target areas of terrorist attacks. In the event of a bomb detonation, the construction materials of the surrounding buildings, such as metal, glass or concrete can contribute to the debris and fragment hazard. Interior ceiling and wall cladding panels subject to blast loading can be damaged and fall down as large objects.

Do you know what is inside the waste bin on the right of the photo? - Certainly not!

Thinking of explosive devices and places to hide and detonate them, criminals might use waste bins as the perfect location in crowded places for maximising the effects of their attack and harm to people close-by. It only requires small amounts of explosive materials disguised as waste to do enormous harm when placed in an ordinary waste bin that has not been designed against such a threat.


Customer benefits at a glance:

  • Preventing fragmentation and the release of particles endangering life
  • Meeting security best practice without detracting from aesthetic or functional performance
  • Seamless integration into architectural schemes without inspiring public fear or paranoia
  • Tested to the highest quality standards
  • Widely customisable to suit the individual project’s requirements
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