Oslo Airport Sales Pavillions

Complex Construction at Oslo Airport

Airport Pavilion Development, Planning and Construction

Five oversized pavilions house the sales areas in the new Terminal of Oslo Airport. Together with individualised ceilings and floorings, Lindner AG was able to bring in its competence in complex custom constructions.

The pavilions were built in close cooperation with the client, Avinor, and the execution architects, Nordic. They house various shops, a bank branch and a bakery. Lindner AG was responsible for their development, planning and the construction during regular terminal operation. The pavilions feature free-formed geometries, which, combined with weight reduction, led Lindner to recommend the use of wood compared to the steel of the initial construction proposition.

This led to a detailled 3D planning with over 10,000 uniquely milled parts, which were then numbered and installed on site. The organic form and the fire protection requirements have both been fulfilled through a multi-layered convex cladding with bendable gypsum fibre boards. Their exterior skin was finished by the fitters using a mineral lime plaster, whose structure and colours were chosen only after several workshops with the architects. The claddings of the interior hull consist of about 8,000 triangular, acoustically effective metal panels, which were also a costum construction in combination with their substructure.

Apart from the pavilions, Lindner also produced and supplied the diamond-shaped ceilings and wall claddings of the new pier. Furthermore, about 20,000 sqm of the hollow floor system FLOOR and more® power comfort with integrated heating and cooling technology have been installed.

For more information on Oslo Airport, Terminal Two, View the reference here.

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