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For 60 years LE West has been reliable, efficient, professional, and accurate. Military customers can be assured of our expertise in getting the goods to you, on time.

We take pride in every aspect of our working practices which is why we have such a large and loyal customer base.

Based around a team of healthcare professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years, you can be assured of getting the right advice, first time, every time. With new state of the art warehousing, we are able to process most medical orders within 24 hours and ship via reliable and cost effective methods.more

Adhering to and fully compliant with ISO 9001, our expertise doesn’t end once the order has left the door. Excellent after sales service means you won’t use us just the once.

World renowned for our expertise in the marine industry, more and more customers are now choosing us as their first line supplier for all their medical supplies, surgical supplies and pharmaceutical requirements. Our expertise is in our knowledge of our products and of our customers. So whether you’re an Offshore oil company or private yacht, an occupational therapy department, a large NHS organisation, or a private hospital in the middle east, you can expect us to meet your expectations no matter what or where your requirements.

Ferno Paraguard Excel Rescue Stretcher

LE West Ltd is relied upon to be a first line supplier of the Paraguard Excel rescue stretcher for many global clients.

Highly regarded as the essential rescue stretcher, many military clients have sourced this stretcher from us for these reasons;

  • NATO NSN 6530-99-446-9403
  • Folds into provided back pack for easy transport
  • Light weight yet rugged & sturdy, resistant to corrosion & oil.
  • Available with lifting harness, bad weather cover, carrying handles & shoulder lifting gear
  • Used worldwide by armys, mountain rescue and emergency departments

The Paraguard Excel is designed for confined space rescue, as well as mountain rescue, air lifting or whatever other environment or situation you may find your self in.  Easily carried as a back pack using the included valise, it is highly versatile.

Order your Paraguard Excel rescue stretcher from LE West, warehouse stock ready to ship, and bulk discounts for Military clients.

Lion 500 Breath Alcohol Breathalyser Alcometer Device

If you need a reliable and tried and tested breathalyser Alcometer, then you can’t go wrong with this device from Lion Laboratories, supplied by LE West.

The Lion 500 is a compact, pocket sized device powered by 4 x AA batteries.  Using a simple plastic disposable mouthpiece, BrAc breath alcohol levels can be measured in a matter of seconds.  Providing both qualitative and quantitative results.  Why not upgrade to the SD 400 evidential device with printer, both available from LE West.

This item includes;

  • Lion 500 breathalyser Alcometer
  • Disposable mouthpieces
  • Calibration gas
  • Batteries
  • Digital display
  • Carry caseHandbook and manual

Advanced Moulage Kit for Military Casualty Simulation

If you are looking for a realistic casualty training exercise then this is the ideal military moulage casualty simulation kit.  Let LE West be your single stop source for all your medical supplies, and specialty items such as this moulage kit.

Designed with military casualty wounds in mind, complex wounds including gunshots can be simulated.

Kit contents are wide and varied and will cover nearly every required situation.

Hemcon Emergency Military Bleed Haemorrhage Control Bandage

Designed specifically for military use, the Hemcon bandage saves lives.  This is fact.

LE West can supply in 3 different specifications, 5 x 5cm , 10 x 10cm or the Chitoflex roll.

LE West has supplied Hemcon products to military personnel around the globe, we have proven experience of getting them to where it’s needed, however remote.

We know how important it is to get these to their destination.  The Hemcon bandage, derived from shelfish derivatives, is designed to stem high blood flow wounds, very quickly, as it becomes very sticky on contact with blood.  Many armies, including the US army are mandated to carry these on tours of duty in active conflict areas.

Hemocue 201 Blood Heamoglobin Analyser / Haemoglobinometer

Another LE West supplied product that is portable and compact.  Pocket size, easy to carry and robust.  The Hemocue 201 analyser provides fast accurate blood haemoglobin readings whatever the environment.

Powered by 4 AA batteries, only a small sample of blood is required to be placed into the Microcuvette for testing.  This blood sample can be capillary or venous depending on facilities and a result can be obtained within seconds, providing quick clinical feedback to help the medic diagnose.

Available with the Hemocue case, the Hemocue device can be easily carried with the microcuvette testing tubes, so that all is in one place.  Protected, and more difficult to be lost.

Cardiochek PA Portable Blood Analyser

LE West can supply another portable blood analyser that is simple and quick to use.  The Cardiochek PA blood analyser is designed for on the go clinical decision making results.  Powered by AA batteries, and results in under a minute, this device will be an invaluable addition to your battlefield clinic, or base hospital inventory.

Out of the box, the unit is ready to go, and with the appropriate test strips can test for;

  • Total cholesterol
  • HDL cholesterol
  • Direct LDL cholesterol
  • Triglycerides
  • Glucose
  • KetoneCreatinine

QBC Autoread Automatic Blood Analyser Laboratory

LE west can supply & deliver this specialist mini laboratory to anywhere in the world, with or without the associated centrifuge, controls, work station and printer.

Rugged, yet accurate, the QBC autoread analyser can be used to test centrifuged blood for the following items;

  • Heamotocrit
  • Heamoglobin concentration
  • White blood cell count
  • Granulocytes count
  • Lymphocyte/monocyte count
  • Platelet count

Medtronic Lifepak 12 Patient Monitor / Defibrillator

LE West is a long standing supplier of the Medtronic Lifepak 12 patient monitor and defibrillator.

This high end patient device is highly modularised and capable of being fully portable.

Available with a large range of modules including;

  • Spo2
  • Invasive and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
  • Internal & external defibrillator pads
  • 3 & 12 lead ECG
  • Electroluminescent display
  • AC power adapter
  • Carrying case
  • Rechargeable & non-rechargeable batteries

Full portable battery support system

Microvent Paramedic Resuscitator for Adult and Children

LE West can supply the Microvent resuscitator paramedic edition suitable for adults and children.

The device comes supplied in a case, ready to use with the addition of a D sized oxygen cylinder, also available from LE West.

The Microvent brand is highly trusted and respected, and the device it self is portable and can be set to automatic, freeing time for the medic to see to other casualties.

Gas consumption to drive the unit is negligible, saving oxygen for the important job of emergency resuscitation.

SECA CT8000i Interpretive ECG Monitor with Printer

The SECA CT8000i can be supplied by LE West as one of our standard stock lines.

Weighing only 2.5kg this ECG monitor is very transportable, and yet provides effective data for clinical decision making.  Data can be stored on the device, printed or downloaded electronically, it is highly versatile, yet very attractive from a budgetary point of view.

The SECA CT8000i is a 12 lead, 3 channel interpretive ECG with keyboard and LCD screen, with one touch start stop operation.

Spencer Split Shell Basket Stretcher

LE West stocks and supplies the split shell basket stretcher by Spencer.

Designed for ease of transportation and carrying, the split shell allows the user to have a fully fledged basket stretcher with a much reduced carrying volume.

This is ideal for military transport or airdrop.

Once compete, the Spencer split shell basket stretcher is ideally suited for situations where the casualty needs to be dragged or lifted over uneven terrain, as it is rugged, solid and very well designed and manufactured, with a “sled” type base.

Restraint straps and lifting harness are also available from LE West.

Laerdal Heartstart FR2 AED Defibrillator with ECG Monitor

LE West are a respected supplier of Laerdal products.

Although we stock and supply a very large range of different models and manufacturers, the Laerdal FR2 unit is an excellent example of an all in one AED defibrillator with built in ECG patient monitor.

This particular unit is semi-automated, allowing the medic to make clinical judgement call decisions based on the data received from the unit, ECG & patient response.

The unit is rugged & easy to use, with patented SMART biphasic waveform, and utilising lower energy results in lower incidences of post shock arrhythmias.

Supplied, with 2 batteries, data card, adult & paediatric pads defibrillator pads, this is a ready to use kit.less


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