Energy Savings with Double Flange Air Heaters

Leister Technologies AG

Leister's latest double-flange air heaters are specifically designed for hot air recirculation. Dependent on the temperature of the air inlet and outlet, the system can save large amounts of energy by recycling hot air. This helps to reduce heating expenses, and also safeguards the environment.

Double Flange Air Heaters

The inlet can comfortably withstand temperatures as high as 350ºC. The LE 10000 DF-R and LE 5000 DF-R systems span a power range from 4.5 to 17 kiloWatts and can attain an air temperature up to 650ºC. The HT model can reach temperatures as high as 900ºC.

Operating parameters for Leister's double flange air heaters include:

  • Air inlet temperatures up to 350ºC
  • Improved energy efficiency throughout the heating process.
  • Reduced power costs
  • Reduced hot air exhaust emissions
  • Support for compact system design
Leister Air Heater
  • The inlet features an optimised design with robust materials for high inlet temperatures.
  • The safety and interity of the power supply are guaranteed under extreme connditions.
  • The new airheaters are made to Leister's established standards of quality
Air Heater Features

Hot Air Recirculation

Hot Air Recirculation for improved energy efficiency

The heating of a given quantity of hot air to a given temperature requires energy. The energy required increases with increasing temperature differential between the air inlet and the outlet (âT). Hot air recirculation can reduce âT, and hence decrease the energy required for air heating.


The energy required for heating 4000 l/itres per minute to a temperature (T2) of 500ºC varies according to the air inlet temperature:

Energy Air Flow

Based on these figures, a user could save 159,600 kWh a year assuming it is operating in circulating mode with an inlet temperature of 350ºC compared with an ambient air temperture of 20ºC (for 24 hours a day, 250 days a year). Assuming electricity charges at €0.12/kWh, this represents an annual saving of €19,152 from using DF-R double flange air heaters.

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