Cleanroom and Pharmaceutical Performance Doorsets

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Leaderflush Shapland has supplied bespoke performance doorsets to the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years using a number of patented products to suit a variety of applications (patent numbers 2233374 and 2232703). The company is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 which are supported by quality and environmental policies.

To ensure a continued chain of quality from manufacture to installation, we have put in place strategic relationships with numerous subcontractors across the UK. For technical support - Specification Managers can provide expertise and advice on a range of issues regarding performance criteria and legislative requirements.more

Cleanroom and Pharmaceutical Performance Doorsets

Performance Doorsets

The Plasform® range of encapsulated performance doorsets has been developed to meet strict hygiene, safety and operational requirements. The use of radiused vertical edges to door leaves, frame edges and postforming of facings around them, is an integral part of the Plasform® concept.

There are two ranges within Plasform® that are most suited to cleanroom and pharmaceutical applications - Plasform® Unique, and for wet areas, Plasform® WR.

Infection Control Antimicrobial Finishes

Infection Control DoorframesLeaderflush Shapland offer Hygieniform – an infection control antimicrobial finish

Hygieniform PVC - Infection Control with Antimicrobial properties

Hygieniform incorporates an antibacterial additive called Hygienilac® that kills bacteria including C.diff, MRSA, Salmonella and E.Coli. The additive is incorporated within the matrix of the PVC providing protection throughout the 2mm thickness. Hygieniform is a non-shedding, low maintenance product that prevents surface contact contamination, essential in any hygienic/cleanroom environment.

Cleanglaze®- Clear PVC - Hygienic Doorsets

This is a clear, non-shedding, facing option which is back-printed to give any solid colour or the ability to incorporate hazard signage, symbols, company logo’s etc that are encapsulated within the door face, therefore a hygienic option. 

Decorative Laminates - Low Maintenance Doorsets

High pressure laminates have a nominal thickness of 1mm and are hardwearing and low-maintenance.

Hospital Door Vision Panels

Flush Glazing Systems for Plasform®Doorsets

Products within the Plasform ranges of hospital door vision panels relate primarily to the glazing option as summarised below. 

Flush Glazing System Plasform®Range Description Facing Options
Cleanglaze® Plasform® UniquePlasform® WR A seamless, fully encapsulated vision panel Clear PVC – Back printed
Flushglaze® Plasform® Unique A completely flush vision panel using acrylic panels Hygieniform PVCLaminate
Duoglaze® Plasform® UniquePlasform® WR PVC or laminate facings laid over glass Hygieniform PVCLaminate

Note: For antimicrobial protection, Hygieniform PVC must be specified which is only available on Flushglaze® and Duoglaze® doorsets.

Vision Panel Glazing Options Hygienic Doorsets

Powder Coated Finish Door Frames

Plasform®Doorsets – Frame and Architectural Hardware options

Frames - for a complete hygienic doorset

There are four popular frame sections within the Plasform® range offering a wide choice of finishes and a variety of sizes.

The Plasform® Solo (steel frame) is available in stainless or powder coated finishes. Plasform® Mono, Barum and Cubith frame sections can be wrapped in various materials for a low maintenance, easy clean finish. Hygieniform PVC can be specified providing the frames with complete antimicrobial protection.

Architectural Hardware

Leaderflush Shapland can provide a total architectural hardware solution as part of the complete doorset offer with the added antimicrobial protection of Hygienilac®, which can be applied in either a clear or coloured powder coat finish.

Plasform®Doorset Specification – Summary of Performance Criteria

  • Easy to keep clean – smooth flat surfaces
  • Fire safety – CERTIFIRE third party scheme
  • Antimicrobial properties – does not support the growth of bacteria
  • Facing options – wide choice of PVC, laminate and back-printed clear facings
  • Resistant to chemicals – resistant to a range of commonly used chemicals
  • Sealable – fitted to maintain pressure differentials and prevent external contamination
  • Low Maintenance – impact resistance reducing particulate generation
  • BS EN ISO 12128 – interlock systems for PCL4 can be achieved
  • BE EN ISO 14644 – inclusion of air seals to maintain pressure differentials, Plasform® non-shedding doorsets assist in maintaining a particulate-free environment.

Please contact our Technical Services Department for further information regarding our products and services.less


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