Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems for the Airport Market

LDA Audio Tech

LDA cutting-edge technology has been installed in important venues such as Madrid-Barajas International Airport. We take on our clients' challenges as our own, spurring us on to new heights of innovation. For this reason, the R&D department plays such an important role.

EN 54 PA/VA System NEO

NEO is an innovative Public Address and Voice Alarm system, that ensures an outstanding performance in the most demanding situations: is especially designed to meet and even exceed the most stringent safety requirements of the EN 54 and the EN 60849 standards.more

Ready to safe lives: In case of an evacuation, priority imputs such as pre-recorded emergency messages will be automatically played thoughout the airport. At the same time, the fireman microphone integrated in the system's front panel or in an outdoor panel, can be rapidly routed to the chosen zones so that authorized personnel could perform a directed evacuation.

Compact and perfect for small and medium airports: The NEO 960, is a compact system which offers 8 audio outputs (8x120W) and 5 audio inputs.

Great audio, intellible messages: Because audio quality matters, NEO has an integrated amplifier with professional audio features, DSP and 24 bits of digital audio per channel and balanced imputs/outputs.

Easy to install and configure: NEO is made under the plug & play philosophy, it works over standard Ethernet networks, without the need for special wiring and uses protocols such as CobraNet and TCP/IP .

Intuitive control: NEO can be easily controlled, configured and monitored through its 3.5" frontal touch panel or in the cloud via the SIME software.

Scalable and very simple to integrate: NEO is highly scalable and can be easily integrated with other systems such as Airport information systems, SCADA, TETRA or intercoms, reducing costs, time and efforts.

EN 60849 PA/VA System SONORA

The SONORA PA/VA system offers the perfect quality, flexibility and audio power necessary to cover multi-zone venues with big amplification areas.

The STV Digital Amplifier from the SONORA family has 4x400W rms balanced audio outputs, DSP and Cobranet technology.

Because SONORA is a Cobranet, Digital IP system, all the elements communicate intelligently over the network and can be monitored, configured and controlled in the cloud with the SIME software, even if they are situated in buildings from different geographical points.

The SIME software is based on standard and open protocols, therefore, it is really simple to integrate SONORA with other technologies such as intercoms, TETRA, SCADA, Airport information systems, Digital Signage, etc. saving costs, efforts and time.

SONORA is the perfect choice for big airports and has already been successfully installed in hundreds of protects.

Software SIME: Management in the cloud

LDA SIME is the control, configuration and management software platform for PA/VA systems.

LDA Audio Tech SIME iPad



  • Intuitive and simple full system control 
  • Audio content distribution over the network 
  • Pre-recorded message scheduler
  • Multi-platform access from anywhere
  • Access control and security
  • Customizable user interface
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party technologies through standard and open protocols

With LDA SIME Full Control it is possible to monitor, and configure the whole system and set any audio source to a zone or group of zones from one or even several buildings.

With LDA SIME Calendar it is really simple to schedule music or pre-recorded messages that will be played at any given time or zone.less


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