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Jayco Digital Systems

Jayco has over three decades of experience in custom input and display technologies. We develop high-end products for an expanding range of industries and mission critical applications. Our displays are geared for applications where they must be highly visible and legible in all lighting conditions including direct sunlight and high contrast conditions.

We have an extensive range of standard products in a wide array of popular sizes from 6.4" to 60" and beyond with our modular, seamless, video-wall system called Litile. All displays feature LED backlighting, are sunlight readable, have low power consumption, and are designed for 24 x 7 operations. We can also develop semi custom displays using the best commercially available LCD cells and enhancing them to your specification and provide custom enclosures. Please get in touch to see what Jayco can offer for your unique requirements.more

Jayco's overall product range includes:

  • Enhanced LCD Displays
  • Industrial Displays
  • Digital Signage Displays
  • Ruggedized Displays
  • Assemblies and Components
  • Flat-panel Switches
  • Keyboards and Keypads
  • Rugged Keyboards and Panel Assemblies
  • Touch Screens

LCD Screens

With our extensive LCD screen technology experience Jayco can meet your display requirements. With installations at airports across the world, trade shows and events, transport hubs, popular music concerts, art presentations, and retail merchandising, Jayco can offer the ideal digital signage display solution for you. Jayco also provide LCD displays for retail and commercial point-of-sales (POS) or point-of-purchase(POP). Virtually every display we offer has the option of including touch screen operation.

Jayco sunlight readable LCD airport screens are ideal for passenger communication of flight arrival and departure information, maps and directions, urgent messaging, advertising, etc. Ensure your message and information is accurately and easily communicated, and makes the impact you want with displays that are bright and eye catching. The displays can be left on permanently, as these displays are highly reliable, giving years of trouble-free service, have high temperature resistance, and low power consumption.

Seamless, Modular Video Wall System

To make a really big impact in large and high traffic areas, we offer our Litile display system. Litile is a 34" module that can be stacked and arrayed to make a display as large as you wish. Our modules are seamless with no bezels around them to interrupt the picture or message, and they are fully sunlight readable making them practical in any environment. Their slim profile makes them ideal even in areas where space is limited. Litile displays are easily configurable with available controller and video scaler.

Ruggedized LCD Displays

Jayco is a leading supplier of human interface systems meeting the needs and requirements for the ever growing market of rugged and high performance LCD displays. By supplying standalone products or custom made systems Jayco has the experience and passion to deliver products of the highest standards for demanding and challenging applications.

Jayco ruggedized human interface assemblies are found in every prime US defence contractors products in applications ranging from cockpit controls panels to mobile communications devices.

Custom Input Technology - Keyboards, Keypads and Panel Assemblies

Jayco's keyboard and keypads are available in virtually any size and can be customised for delicate finger operation or rugged foot pedal use. Our custom made input technology products are precision designed and manufactured for their specific use, and can vary from a simple component to a complex assembly with interface electronics and custom enclosure. A wide array of options are available to enhance the product including: backlighting, laser etching, tactile feedback, special coatings, EMI/RFI/ESD shielding, etc.

Where commercial products are not suitable Jayco can offer military standard rugged keyboards and panel assemblies made to survive extremely harsh environments. Jayco rugged input technology is manufactured to meet and exceed MIL-STD-810G requirements. In addition to manufacturing, Jayco offers full engineering, design and prototyping services for new user interface applications.less


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