Suppliers of Frangible Masts For The Aviation Industry

Lattix Systems AS

Lattix Systems AS was formed in 1984 and based near Oslo, Norway. The company supply an extensive range of high quality, aluminium frangible masts for the aviation industry. The masts are used for a variety of applications in and around the runway area, including; antenna systems, lighting systems, meteorological equipment and wind socks. Over the course of their 25 year history Lattix have supplied their products to over 200 airports all over the world. Lattix' list of clients features some of the most important airports on the planet, including, Hong Kong International Airport, London Heathrow, Abu Dhabi International Airport and even an airfield at the South Pole.more

Frangible Masts

The frangible masts from Lattix feature a range of technologies to allow the mast to be tailored to its environment. Customers can specify different aluminium alloys, heat treatments, dimensions, base plates and foundations in the construction of their mast. All of these parameters help the mast to cope with the local conditions such as, weather, ground type and usage. Customers are also able to specify powder coated finishes in all of the RAL colours. Lattix frangible masts also feature tear-off cables. These cables are designed to detach at the base of the mast in the event that the mast comes down. This hugely reduces the chance of live electrical cables laying across the runway causing a potential lethal hazard.

Antenna Mast Systems

Lattix offer a range of antenna mast systems for a variety of tasks including; glide path, LLZ and WiFi services. Glide path masts can stand up to 15 metres in height and withstand wind speeds of up to 60m/s all without the aid of external stays. This is achieved by the techniques used in the mast's construction. The base of the mast is made up of three separate legs all tied together using aluminium ties. For extra security each leg features five '

Lighting Masts

Lighting masts can be used for several lighting duties such as approach and flood lighting. Approach lighting masts feature crossbars which can be specified in a range of sizes and numbers of lights to suit all approach lighting requirements. The masts are super strong and are able to support the weight of the crossbar with no excess stresses on the mast. The masts are easy to maintain, as they are constructed from non corrosive aluminium and utilising a modular system. The height of the lighting masts can range from 0.5 to 16 metres.less


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