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At the core of Laguna’s values, we are devoted to your vision and our craftsmanship.

Bespoke made, each of our pieces are created in Nepal at the hands of craftspeople who have passed the art of weaving from one generation to the next. Our rugs are made to your specific requirements, perfectly woven to reflect the unique space in which it will sit.

Expertly crafted pieces are made of finely sourced natural fibres, including wools, jute or exquisite silks. Antique looms and tools come seamlessly together with your vision to bring a modern sophistication to your interior. Hand-knotted or hand-tufted, our rugs are compacted in every square inch, honing the fine detail of your ideal design.more

Developing your ideas

Whether opting for old-world elegance or a contemporary feel, Laguna will work with your requirements and budget, taking your guidance along key points of the creative process. Discover the charm of Nepali rugs when you get in contact with our team.

Hand-knotting and Weaving

The rug begins the delicate process in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, where sheep are reared and herded for their lanolin-rich wool, and where our various other fibres are hand-sourced. We choose the finest fibres that will weave well, and will soak up coloured dyes.

Once the raw wool is sheared, it is transported to the rivers to be hand-washed and left to naturally dry on the banks. Skilled carders then spin the fibres into yarn, ready for the colour dying process. Once dyed, the yarn is left to dry and wound into balls, prepared to be woven into the rug.

Weaving and knotting is completed purely at the hands of our highly skilled Nepali craftspeople. Although the process by hand and loom requires the most time, it allows for precision in finer detail. The time taken for this is dependent on size of the rug, colours and the number of knots or yarn count within the design.

The Final Stages 

Once completed, the rug is carefully cut away from the loom and taken to finishing stage. Being thoroughly hand-washed, the rug is left to naturally dry in the Kathmandu sun. Once dry, the rug is trimmed by hand to remove irregularities, leaving a consistent surface to the rug pile. Carefully bound and ready to ship, the rug is sent to its new home.



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