Airborne Imaging and Camera Systems

L-3 Wescam

L-3 WESCAM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Airborne Imaging and Camera Systems, and air-to-ground visual information systems that provide real-time images and Intel to a variety of government and commercial organizations around the globe.

Airborne Imaging and Camera Systems

Scouting, Reconnaissance, Surveillance: all terms are synonymous with putting eyes on the public or state enemy. For today's war fighter or Homeland protector, WESCAM's continually re- invests in Airborne Imaging and Camera Systemmore

development in order to provide un-ambiguous clarity in its' Full Motion Video. The following advances can be found within the 2011 product line: HD IR, Full Motion Video channels via our High Magnification spotter and an added Channel behind our zoom lens, a newly added Laser Spot Tracker, an embedded Navigation Grade, Short Wave IR and a 10 Sensor Payload Capacity. Today's war fighter and public servants deserve the best Full Motion Video tools. WESCAM's continues to deliver them...

Wescam products are gyro-stabilized camera systems and digital/analog microwave video transmission systems. These are offered as stand-alone products or as seamlessly integrated solutions that are fully compatible with other avionics and mission components. WESCAM’s airborne transmission systems either fixed or mobile ground receive sites seamlessly integrate with WESCAM’s MX series of EO/IR camera systems, providing ground personnel with real-time situational awareness to support operational decision-making.

Designed and qualified for performance in extreme environments, WESCAM’s MX-Series is the industry’s only modular family of turreted EO/IR/Laser surveillance and targeting systems, providing unparalleled image stability and long-range detection capability. The series includes: MX-15, MX-15D and MX-20, which are suitable for airborne platforms ranging from small tactical UAV’s, through to high flying Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

 Airborne Imaging and Camera Systems from L3 Wescam

Thermal Imaging and Electro Optical Imaging Camera Systems

WESCAM's portfolio of Multi-Sensor, Multi-Spectral (MS2) turrets is the industry's only modular family of highly-stabilized Thermal Imaging and Electro Optical Imaging and targeting camera systems.

Engineered with advanced infra-red and electro optical imaging technology and superior gyro-stabilization, MS2 systems are proven in-theater, having controlled the battle-space from every altitude. With over 1700 systems fielded world-wide, WESCAM's turrets can be found on over 100 different types of airborne and land-based platforms.

Thermal Imaging & Electro Optical airborne and ground based Imaging SystemsThermal Image of an Airbus 380

Within WESCAM's portfolio of imaging and targeting systems is a Series of turrets that feature common electronics and cabling, a common user interface, common video overlays and common software and internal components. This family is known as the MXTM-Series.

MX-Series EO/IR Imaging and Targeting Products include:

1) Airborne Imaging Systems (Surveillance & Targeting) for Fixed & Rotary Wing, UAV, Aerostat Platforms

Surveillance SolutionsMX-10MX-15iMX-15HDiMX-20HDTargeting SolutionsMX-15DiMX-20D

2) Ground Products for: Light Armor and Heavy Utility Vehicles, Stationary Masts

Surveillance SolutionsMX-10GSMX-15GSEagle

Suffer from Mission and Integration Challenges?

Imaging Solutions developed and integrated by WESCAM continues to combat industry-wide mission and integration challenges from both legendary and newly released Platforms.

Integrated MCUs:Reducing once-needed cables and LRUs enables lighter weight and simplified integration solutions

1080p HD Imaging Resolution:With more pixels on target, sharper colors, bolder contrasts and finer details, the detection of critical Intel is made easier.Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP): Increased standoff range, improved feature recognition and maximized haze penetration provides operators higher resolution and enhanced situational awareness.Laser Target Designators: Compact, efficient and reliable diode-pumped laser technology achieves unparalleled designating ranges and high MTBF while in-theaterMX-GEO: User Friendly modes of operation enables turrets to automatically point, focus, locate and track with unparalleled accuracyModular Design: WESCAM's imaging and targeting systems are modular in design - which easily facilitates system growth. This flexible design allows for individual sensors to be upgraded without affecting other sensors.

Ground Systems for Combat and Force Protection Missions:

Having base-lined the mission-proven EO/IR/Laser technology within MX-Series of airborne turrets, WESCAM now offers class-leading visual dominance capabilities from the ground.

Providing leading-edge survivability solutions focused on magnification, resolution and stabilization, WESCAM's MX-10GS and MX-15GS imaging turrets are the answer for end-users operating vehicles at high speeds through desert environments, and rough urban terrain.

With High Definition (HD) imaging resolution, 4-axis stabilization, 24/7 EO imaging and 360° viewing capability, these products have the ability to detect, identify and neutralize threats from beyond the threat envelope.

Deploy multiple MX airborne and ground systems in layered ranges and overlapping fields of view, and visualize continuous networked coverage and threat hand-off between sensors. This capability allows for the uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operating bases, airfields and other vital assets

Growing Customer Service Infrastructure:WESCAM continues to invest heavily not only in product development, but also in customer care. From single operator configurations to complex, multi-operational systems, the following support infrastructure is in place to support WESCAM's customers:

Repair Depots: WESCAM has expanded its global footprint by partnering with leading service providers to create strategically located Service Centers (WSCs) around the world.  WSCs provide support services so customer operational availability remains high. WSC technicians are factory trained and certified, and all follow WESCAM's documented in-house procedures.

Field Support Representatives (FSRs): WESCAM's FSRs are factory-trained technicians, experienced in performing diagnostics and repairs anywhere in the world. Available for dispatch within 24 hours from the closest WSC location, FSRs respond rapidly to customer calls for on-site repairs.

MX-RAid: Now all WESCAM MXTM systems can interface with diagnostic software that can be used to perform checks, calibrations, firmware updates and log errors when serviced by approved technicians. This service reduces delays in determining and repairing system faults, eliminates no-fault-found returns, significantly reduces response time results and reduces downtime for the end user.

Certified to AS, 9100 and ISO 9001 standards, L-3 WESCAM's practices and products have achieved a standard of quality that is recognized and respected throughout the world.less


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