Aermacchi Tests its Advanced Trainer with L-3 TE’s S6200 TFE System

L-3 Telemetry & RF Products

These systems have supported a number of flight test programs, including the MB-339, AMX, and most recently the M-346. The M-346 is the latest in Aermacchi's long line of aircraft trainers, having made its first flight in July 2004.

The advanced capabilities of the trainer include a maximum speed of 590 knots (0.9 mach), fly-by-wire controls, and an angle of attack (AOA) that exceeds 40 degrees -- significantly greater than that of other trainers.

Aircraft Flight Testing

Ideal for the exacting demands of M-346 flight testing, the S6200 TFE is a modular, highly integrated VME system that consists of application hardware developed by L-3 TE and specialized third-party components. The L-3 software is used to control all L-3 TE and third-party hardware modules, such as SCSI interfaces and PowerPC processors, and is responsible for managing data flow to various output ports.

Aircraft Flight TestingAircraft Flight Testing

The S6200 TFE provides data acquisition, pre-processing, distribution, and archival functions and is controlled by an external workstation via Ethernet that provides quick configuration and setup.

Once loaded and activated, the S6200 TFE receives and processes data from various data and timing sources and produces data for long-time storage on a high-speed local SCSI archive or distributes data to external users via a reflective memory network.

L-3 TE is providing additional software that will support the integration of the Symvionics Interactive Analysis and Display System™ for real-time data analysis.

In addition, a number of other potential procurements, including additional systems and upgraded capabilities, are being considered to support a significant increase in flight test activities at Aermacchi.

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