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L-3 Telemetry & RF Products

A global leader in the production of flight test instrumentation for aircraft and missile systems, offering absolute turnkey solutions that are unique. Our flight test and airborne telemetry products collect and synthesize important information on aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, targets, guided weapons and UAVs.

Designed to work under the extreme conditions of military and space software, with the ability of recording data and transmitting it to any receiving stations, all data is then processed and displayed to any technician at ground level.more

Telemetry is used in all sorts of military and defence solutions, like for example flight tests, defence and weapon development, aerospace and satellite communication, even space agencies like Nasa use this equipment, our extensive telemetry experience in serving commercial and military organizations both domestic and foreign has made us a leader in the field of telemetry instrumentation.

With high durability and precision equipment, there are a many products ready all of which are featured below:

Radio Frequency Communications products

  • Radar augmentation transponders.
  • Airborne telemetry transmitters.
  • RF power amplifiers.

Advanced Data Acquisition Products

  • There are six Data Acuisition Systems (Das) family products, thus allowing a more custom solution for the clients specific needs. Airborne product lines are also available which complemnt that of the Data Acquistion System, other packages include encryption, recorders for airborne systems, control units and cock pit displays, along side many other products.
  • There are many ground products available, which include de-modulators, bit synchronizer, decommutators, space data receivers and telemetry systems. There are full PC and VME modules, which support nearly all ground telemetry requirements. Full setup and software package support for application-specific solutions.

Telemetry Ground Equipment

L-3 Telemetry East supply a range of telemetry ground equipment and software.

  • Telemetry and space data receivers.
  • De-modulators.
  • Bit-synchronizers.
  • Decommutators.
  • A full array of PC and VME plug-in modules to support virtually any ground telemetry requirement.
  • Turnkey systems which provide total reception, computational processing, and display capabilities.
  • Set-up and application-specific software packages.

Custom Engineering Solutions

L-3 Telemetry-East has wide range of custom engineering for software and design, manufacturing and program management services. With years of experience in the telemetry industry, serving in both military and commercial sectors has made telemetry one of the leading suppliers of telemetry equipment.less


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