Large Scale Status Indicator Display Visible in Bright or Dim Ambient

L-3/Electrodynamics, Inc.

Large Scale Status Display Indicator

L-3 Communications, Electrodynamics, Inc. announces the introduction of the CI 75 series large display status indicators featuring a highly visible dual color internal flag. When the indicator coil is pulsed, the flag display stays magnetically locked. Available in single and dual coil models, the large .75 inch display requires no bulbs or power when latched in either position.

Standard fault or set display flags are available in orange and red. The reset color is black. A variety of custom color and legend flags, including the international radiation symbol, are available. The CI 75 series is ideal for industrial fault warning applications demanding large displays while subjected to outdoor elements, high ambient light areas and remote areas requiring low power drain. Typical applications include large display panels and fault warning systems.

When the indication coil is energized by a 50 millisecond (or longer) pulse, the color display flips 180 degrees and latches to the coil core. The display will remain magnetically locked to the core in the position last pulsed. Even if the signal is removed, the indicator will "remember" the signal instruction.

Reset to black is accomplished electrically by pulsing a separate reset coil or by reversing polarity in the single coil unit. The display then remains magnetically locked to the core and remains black.

The case is molded plastic with a clear viewing lens. The indicator panel mounts with a supplied spring retainer. Operational cycles in 10,000 cycle, minimum.

Delivery time is 8 weeks or less after receipt of order.

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Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA.

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