Automated Robotic Palletizing, Packaging and Handling Solutions

KUKA Robotics

KUKA robot scan lift, label, sort, stack and pack– in short they can automate almost any process, doing everything from palletizing dairy products to handling and packaging delicate bottles. Boasting the largest product range on the market, KUKA robots feature unparalleled range of motion and work volume. In other words, KUKA is best suited to meet your individual needs.

Based in Augsburg, Germany, the company is present in more than twenty other countries worldwide, ensuring proximity to customers and helping to facilitate close consultation and cooperation. For more than a century KUKA has been working closely together with customers to make their business more efficient and effective. Today the company continues on the cutting edge of technology in an effort to create the most value for their clients.more

Automated Palletizing Solutions

For many years KUKA has been offering innovative automatic palletizing solutions. Today the spectrum is wide and covers all weight classes and pallet sizes. The robots can handle europallets as well as plastic and cardboard containers.

Their modular design ensures flexibility and quick reapplication for other tasks. KUKA robots can also stack and pack the materials on pallets themselves, everything from boxes to bags. In the latter case a special gripper is used to ensure the bags retain their shape and can thus be easily layered and stacked - automated palletizing solutions that offer sophistication and sensitivity in addition to speed, dexterity and reach.

Robotic Packaging

Solutions that are functional and space saving, but also intuitive, are essential to successful process automation. KUKA applies these principles in robotic packaging and order picking applications; robots are sometimes large and have a wide range but still make optimal use of very little space. They are used not only to move pallets but to package materials and products, and then stack those individual items and bundles on the pallets themselves. That means the robots need to be not only strong but sensitive and flexible, capable of adapting to the various sizes, surfaces and shapes of items being packaged and palletized.

Handling for Other MachinesIn addition to the typical palletizing and packaging functions, KUKA robots are also used in a number of other handling operations. KUKA robots are often used in handling materials, products and tools for other machines. This can mean exchanging mill cutters for saws, the prepping and bonding of car headlight casings or moving over 750 kg of wooden boards. When the job is too exacting or the load to heavy, KUKA robots are there to ensure process reliability and accuracy, not to mention unmatched production volume and repeatability.

Other Handling OperationsAfter having implemented a palletizing, packaging or handling solution many companies, after already having seen the benefits to their bottom line, often find other places to automate their operations and make significant productivity gains. For instance, a brewery that initially installed KUKA robots to handle and palletize heavy kegs eventually decided for a stainless steel robot to be used for wet room applications. Therobots can manage difficult, heavy tasks such as handling the front and rear axles of cars, or lighter tasks which require more sophistication, such as managing and exchanging some 200 different kinds of milling cutters for saws. In both cases, precision, endurance and cost-effectiveness are all paramount.

A Wide Range of IndustriesFrom Lego to Lufthansa, a wide range of companies rely on KUKA to ensure their production processes are cost-effective and efficient. KUKA robots are already used in palletizing, packaging and handling applications in a wide range of industries: they are instrumental in the production of automobiles, electronics, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wood, furniture, ceramics, medical equipment, paper, food and beverages, to name a few. In addition to some of the more traditional industries, KUKA robots are also found in the aerospace, solar and plastics industries.

Integration, Safety and ReliabilityAll robots are operated using a dependable PC-based controller, a platform which allows for remote diagnosis, the use of a Microsoft windows interface, free choice of field bus, integrated soft PLC, running of an OPC server and more – all on one system. Controllers can also be networked and function as part of an integrated system, in what is known as hub technologies. Integration is an important part of the KUKA philosophy, as is safety and reliability – principles that ensure cost-effective, seamless operation of your business.less


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  • Christoph has a Master of Engineering in Technology Management. He is currently involved in product management: palletizing robots, cleanroom robots, foundry robots, small robots, linear axes, jet robots and special purpose machines.

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