Chemical Pusher Centrifuge, Gypsum Separation, Rotary/Mineral Filters

KMPT Process Technology

KMPT is the leading innovator in process technology for solid/liquid separation equipment. Our expertise comes from decades of experience supplying separation solutions for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental and mining industries.

KMPT designs, manufactures and engineers Krauss Maffei centrifuges, filters and dryers to customers individual requirements. In addition KMPT UK Ltd,, offers a team of skilled engineers for the service, upgrade, repair and refurbishment of not only Krauss Maffei products, but extends to other make/manufacture centrifuges and associated equipment.more

Krauss-Maffei Centrifuges, Filters and Dryers are renowned globally for quality and reliability. Our dynamic and flexible approach in assisting our customers makes KMPT a trustworthy partner throughout the service life of the equipment.

Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge

KMPT offer a range of Krauss-Maffei Chemical Peeler Centrifuges for many different applications. Horizontal Peeler Centrifuges are available in various sizes and materials of construction.

  • Increased basket speeds creating higher separation effects
  • Can easily be adapted for use on a variety of products – robust design
  • Siphon basket design offers greater filtration and improved washing, with regeneration of heel
  • Basket sizes from 250 to 1800mm diameter
  • Filtration and sedimentation operating principals are available.

Pharmaceutical Peeler Centrifuges

KMPT offer a range of Krauss-Maffei Pharmaceutical Peeler Centrifuges that are developed for the specific strict requirements of demanding applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmaceutical Peeler Centrifuge stands out for its distinctive features

  • Minimal product hold-up after discharge through optimised peeler geometry
  • Clean room installation simplified by separation of the process area from the drive components
  • Product contamination eliminated with 100% coverage of CIP fluids
  • Easy Maintenance based on service friendly design
  • Low space requirement due to the compact structural design
  • Easy product changeover due to simple cloth changing system
  • Basket sizes from 500 to 1250mm diameter

Gypsum Separation

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Vertical Centrifuges

KMPT offer a range of Krauss-Maffei Vertical Centrifuges for the effective and reliable processing of Chemical and Pharmaceutical applications. This type of centrifuge hosts a number of advantages coupled with an attractive price/performance ratio.

  • Easy maintenance thanks to a service-friendly design.
  • Efficient product discharge by means of a single, large discharge opening.
  • Minimal product hold-up through elimination of dead zones
  • Uniform cake formation during feeding due to dynamic feed system
  • Reduced space requirement as a result of vertical design
  • Baskets from 1000 to 1600mm diameter

These units are also well suited to Gypsum separation in utility and commercial FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) applications.

Chemical Pusher Centrifuges

KMPT offer a range of Krauss-Maffei Chemical Pusher Centrifuges for processing high throughputs for many applications. This type of separation solution offers

  • Increased performance with high product capacity with improved basket configuration, feed accelerator and screens – low product losses (hi yield)
  • Mechanical and hydraulic drives available   
  • Simple  to maintain and operate
  • Solids throughput up to 150 tonnes per hour
  • Basket from 250 to 1250mm diameter

Rotary / Mineral Filters (atmospheric, gas tight and pressure)

KMPT offer a range of Krauss-Maffei Rotary / Mineral Filters (atmospheric, gas tight and pressure) for a variety of applications offering high capacity separation and washing efficiency.

  • Increased filtration capacity due to improved hydraulic efficiency
  • Low operating costs by maintenance friendly design
  •  Enhanced performance with gas and pressure tight designs
  • Low space requirements due to compact design
  • Intensive cake washing 
  • Effective dewatering at high capacities
  • Filtration areas from 0.72 to 100m2
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