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  • Recording and Replay Systems

    Recording and Replay Systems

    Ricochet is a world-leading recorder system developed specifically for the air traffic control and marine markets. The Ricochet system records and replays for reconstruction and analyzes of critical air traffic situations.

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  • VHF and UHF radio communication

    VHF and UHF ATC radios for safety communication

    Jotron 7000 series VHF Multimode Digital Radio complies to known international standards and recommendations. The Jotron 7000 series combines excellent RF performance in congested areas, with advanced digital signalling technique

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  • Radio Remote Control and Monitoring Software

    Radio Remote Control and Monitoring

    Jotron's remote control systems, comprises units for audio, frequency selection and more sophisticated all radio access control. The computer based Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) is tailor-made for ATC or wide area ccontrol applications.

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