VHF and UHF ATC radios, ATC Recorder and Replay Systems, radio remote control and monitoring systems


For more than 50 years, Jotron has been among the most respected companies in the ATC and Coastal Communications sectors. In 1975, the company pioneered the innovative Low-Level Modulation technology, the 5000 Series VHF Transmitter, which is presently used by all radio manufacturers.

Since 1980, Jotron have provided radios for the ATC market worldwide. Jotron offers state-of-the-art high performance UHF and VHF radios for both military and civil ATC purposes.more

In 2012 Jotron acquired Ricochet, a provider of advanced recording and replay systems for the aviation industry. The technology is pioneering and a widely used Air Traffic Management tool, in place at hundreds of airports all over the world. Jotron Radios and Ricochet Recorders are fully integrated based on the ED137 VoIP standard.

VHF and UHF radios

Jotron ATC radios are designed to go beyond the standards set for ATC. Their radios incorporate full voice over IP functionality, as well as digital data transmission, meeting the demands of air traffic communications in the twenty-first century. Jotron's unique modular architecture supplies the industry's most compact radio system configuration, with increased reliability and simplified installation, in addition to maintenance and inspection.

The Jotron 7000 series UHF and VHF Digital Radios, combine top quality RF performance for congested areas, as well as advanced digital signalling techniques, coving the future radio communication requirements for military and civilian authorities.

Jotron's 7000 series includes TA-7650 Transmitter, the RA-7203 Receiver and the TR-7750 Transceiver. Designed to be the lightest and most compact ATC radios available, the complete modular assembly makes a variety of configurations possible, which can be provided according to specific customer requirements.

Jotron series 7000 UHF digital radios have been designed to supply ATC communications for professional users in air defence frequency range. The radios enable unmatched RF performance in challenging electromagnetic environments in combination with superb audio performance.

Even when strong locally generated signals are present on neighbouring channels, Jotron radio receivers maintain good sensitivity. Transmitters are designed to minimise spurious products and unwanted noise. With AM capabilities as standard, transmitters can also be delivered with FM as an extra function.


The TR-810 is a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio. There are several applications of the TR-810; desktop radio, vehicle radio, man portable radio, last resort radio or a 19”/2U enclosure suitable for rack mounting. Detachable Operator Control Panel offers flexible installation. Communication between the two units occurs via a CAT5 cable.

Radio remote control and monitoring systems

Monitor alarms and real time BITE information are offered in Jotron’s Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS). RCMS is a complete radio test and measurement system. Together with the comprehensive reporting tool built into the system, operators of the radio network can complete qualifying measurements remotely. 

Ricochet Record and Replay System

The Ricochet Recorder provides users with an ATC recording and replay system that captures detailed flight data, for later review and analysis. The system records and replays various data formats, providing user friendly and timely access to critical information. Working in line with full ICAO ATC recording standards, the system's analytical functions present investigators and controllers with the tools that enhance air traffic safety.

The ATC recording software is easy to use and allows controllers to work more efficiently under pressure. Software is designed to be flexible, providing a platform that works with airport operations as they evolve and grow. Ricochet branded recording and replay equipment is currently used in over 500 airports globally, able to capture audio, visual display and radar data. less


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  • Øivind Ramde

    Global Business Development Manager Ricochet Contact Expert

    A founder of Ricochet, Øivind has since led the product’s software design and implementation, making Ricochet Recorders a world leader in the recording business. Previously, he worked within the maritime surveillance recorder.

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