sand barriers defended bastion army protect box JOESCO

JOESCO factory mainly producing JOESCO barrier, JOESCO sand bags, JOESCO defence bastion, Military sand wall, and flood defencell with more than 15 years history. In this 15 years, Joesco only pay 100% attention on improve the army safety box, razor barbed wire trailer quality for police, army, military, UN peacekeeping military use to protect the solider’ life, military camp safety etc. Also can use to fight with flood for civil works.


In those days, China appears more rubbish barriers manufacturers or trading companies. They claim that they are the designated agent of British Hesco in China, so they put the logo of Hesco on the rubbish they produce to cheat many buyers. But they don't know that British Hesco has never appointed an agent in China! These junk companies, which produce fake and inferior products, can help the companies that bought their products to destroy the good reputation that established into the end users.


Hesco is a registered products name which for military barrier, but only belong to Hesco U.K. JOESCO is registered products name which for Military sand bastion which belong to JOESCO LTD from China


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